The Entirely Respectable Tim Spicer 6


Here is a picture of Tim Spicer. And here is some of the work of his company.

The scariest thing about this is that an official US government investigation into this video by an Aegis employee found that these shootings by Aegis followed correct operating procedure.

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6 thoughts on “The Entirely Respectable Tim Spicer

  • ruth

    I think Spicer is acting for the government/establishment to block your book. It might be a good idea to find as many connections as possible between him and the government/establishment and publish them.

  • Sabretache

    This may be coincidence but, bearing in mind controversy over Blackwater in particular and 'PMC's' (ie mercenaries) in general, more likely evidence of serious intent by Spicer and the US/UK military establishments.

    The 2002 article by Duncan Campbell (Making a Killing: Marketing the Dogs of War), published in the US and linked from the Pat Finucane Centre web site in Northern Ireland is no longer available at its host 'The Centre for Public Integrity' web site in the US. It must have been available recently because it is still held in the Google cache. I couldn't find it anywhere else and have therefore saved a copy of it. It is a revelation and an absolute 'must read' for anyone researching the morphing of the term 'Mercenary' into 'Private Military Contractor'. I can well understand Spicer and his associates being dead keen to suppress it.

  • ruth

    Aegis is an offshoot of Sandline, which was involved in the scandal of supplying arms to Sierra Leone. Its registered address in the Bahamas was at 205 Saffrey Square, which is the same address of companies linked to carousel fraud in the late nineties. Of course it could be quite unrelated. But then again maybe Aegis is a secret army for the establishment funded by the taxpayers. Anyhow, it's stuffed full of ex-army people making a killing. Interestingly,

    other VAT frauds have links to the CIA.

  • Allan Ellis

    I am currently looking for work in the security sector working overseas. Have worked with Tim Spicer/Under his command in the past. Please forward any relevant information.

  • pat o riordan

    with regards to craigs inaccurate comments.The attachment shown is not Aegis but believed U.S operators.And it is disenfranchised conspiracy theorists like craig that believe its better to make their tree hugging comments then respecting someone that has given their life to Queen and Country.

    Get a life Craig

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