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Paul Barbara

@ Clark March 3, 2020 at 09:42
I did read your comment about 9/11 being likely a Gladio 2 event. And I agree with you that OBL was a good religiously driven man (indeed, I remember reading an article, probably in the Guardian or Observer, where OBL was being interviewed in a hut in Afghanistan where shells were being emptied of explosive, which was piled up and spread all over the floor, and IED’s were being produced. OBL said something to the effect: ‘One shell on here and we all meet our maker’.
OBL was being praised to the rooftops then in the West, because he was fighting the Russians in Afghanistan.
So do you believe OBL had anything to do with it?
Do you believe in the ’19 hijackers’ narrative?
Or that Boeing airliners containing passengers were involved in the Twin Tower, Pentagon and ‘Field Crash’?
Pieczenik is still around; he has very good contacts and friends in the Agencies.
Here he is in February 2020 on Alex Jones’ show:

Steve Pieczenik Warns AG Barr Planning Coup Against Trump

I don’t know how to just have a word that you can click on to bring up a link.
If you try to explain it to me, please be very detailed, because I am useless with computers.
But Barry Jennings’ ‘I knew I/we was/were walking over bodies’?