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All these high-tech stories, of microsecond-timed radio-controlled theatrical demolition rigs that can perfectly simulate a progressive collapse, remote controlled aircraft that must suffer no latency, holograms that can bend light to disguise missiles against a bright sky, they’re all back to front.

Human technology can’t even make a housefly. Making things that do the above is way beyond the work of man.

The reality is far more evil. Don’t take the work of man and try to upgrade it; that’s far too difficult and the results will be unreliable. No. Take the work of God and downgrade it into a weapon. Take an infant boy who could become a doctor, a teacher or a musician and instead raise him in a closed society. Expose him to indoctrination every day of his life. Show him torture and murder by the authorities, so that he lives in perpetual fear, for aggression is a response to threat. So that he knows that even his body is owned by the power structure, cut part of his penis off, but not until he’s old enough to understand and remember. Cut him off from art, music and culture, and grossly restrict his education.

Sorry, words fail me. The Truthers’ high-tech fantasies are a way of avoiding the truth, which is actually too evil to contemplate – human children, degraded from birth into weapons of the state.