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I do agree that that claim was made. I think the state department just arranged to have some of the hijackers names swapped around in the reports of the investigations. The most effective tricks are always the simplest.

The Western US/UK/Israeli/Saudi/NATO alliance is still using jihadists. Jihadists infiltrated into Benghazi provoked an aggressive response from Gaddafi; this was spun as a threat to massacre civilians, and so a no-fly zone was pushed through the UN, and Libya was obliterated and turned into a jihadist playground and recruiting zone. We know from the Israeli press that Israeli military field hospitals have been treating jihadists attacking Syrian forces. ISIS has a jihadist ideology, funded by the Gulf monarchies as approved of by the Clintons.

The thrust of the 9/11 cover-up was to disguise this Western etc. exploitation of jihadism. That was the point of the torture programme; to extract false confessions that pointed to every Muslim organisation under the sun, scramble the data, muddy the waters, and permanently discredit any future testimony from those detainees. The obvious implication is that the Western etc. alliance intends to continue using jihadists.

It’s a massive scandal and it persists in plain sight. It is the common feature running through all the NATO/Israel/Saudi wars. The “terrorists” are “our side”, yet no one ever seems to notice.