Coronavirus – Time for an Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants 184

My second podcast discusses some of the less considered effects of the coronavirus lockdown, and the need for an alternative to predatory capitalism in the aftermath. Again, just me chatting to you.

There is no intention these podcasts will replace written articles or that there will be less articles. I am merely trying out an additional kind of communication. I appreciate some people do not like watching videos, or only like watching professionally produced videos. Well, nobody is forcing you to watch. I should be grateful if comments could focus on the content.


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184 thoughts on “Coronavirus – Time for an Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

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  • DunGroanin

    It seems Off-G is daily slipping off its self proclaimed pedestal of ‘free comments’ to counter the Groaniads fake claims and now censoring comments, without explanation. Indeed they are adding editorial snipes without a courtesy of a formal reply – which would generate an email to the poster.

    That is in context of their singularly opinionated coverage on the pandemic.

    They appear to be deliberately set on a course of being cited for fake news. It would worry me more had it not become obvious they display the traits of controlled alt media – first when they were pushing for a brexit, and a hard one; then pseudo Marxillian obfuscation over Money; then over their lukewarm coverage of Julian Assange (much antipathy over CM by certain posters there) ;and failure to cover the Salmond trial and defence; and now the corona virus, which they are pushing as overhyped.

    Still I persist because the virus is real even if it was pre-ordained and forseen by the Pathocracies Foundations.

    SARS -cov 19 has arrived upon a human population which has no previous exposure to it- there is no herd immunity – is that debunked?
    So even if the infection fatality rate is say a normal flu like say – 1% – that would mean that for every billion people infected 10 MILLION would die.
    Agreed? Anything wrong with my arithmetic?
    So with 7 billion people 70 million will die.
    Or in the UK with 70 million
    700,000 will die.

    Obviously if the fatality rate is smaller than 1% the absolute numbers will be too
    (E.g A third of that (0.33%) would be 233,000 or (0.1%) would be as ‘low’ as 70,000.

    On top of a normal flu or cold.

    So the problem is not the total deaths it’s how quickly they happen because all these people and more ending up in need of treatment or intensive or palliative care would overwhelm any normal health system.

    Anything controversial in the above?

    A system reset and change of culture may be the plan along with a grab for powers never before seen or used. But the pandemic is real.

    • Pooh

      April 11, 2020 at 12:33

      Thank you. Good to know.

      “(E.g A third of that (0.33%) would be 233,000 or (0.1%) would be as ‘low’ as 70,000.”

      You’ve obviously meant 33%: or 0.33, and 10% or 0.1.


      • DunGroanin

        Total population = 70 million
        One percent = 700,000
        A third of one percent is 0.33% = 233,000
        A tenth of one percent is 0.1% = 70,000

        I am trying to keep it simple to show the order of magnitudes. It does not mean any of these rates are proved and won’t be till we are at the end and all the numbers are in and verified.

        I have posted elsewhere that mitigation- lockdown, phased return to work etc is modelled to keep the total deaths to ~ 35k.

        • Pooh

          April 11, 2020 at 12:33

          My apologies, DunGroanin. I’m at fault. Attention deficit. I stand corrected. Sorry to have troubled you.

          Thanks again.


    • SA

      I gave up on OG because they kept selectively quoting from those who thought it was hyped. Reasoned comments were treated in a rather arrogant manner with accusations by their Admin and occasionally they lost replies that ‘went into the spam box’. The readers and commenters degenerated into a match to the bottom upvoting themselves and others and downvoting anyone who expressed other opinions with accusations of fear porn. It is now beyond repair, a great pity.

      • SA

        If only OG and its readers did not waste a lot of time saying: Its only flu, and it only kills old people so what?

  • Steeve Greene

    Craig, have your IT guy or gal strip out the audio and make it available as a downloadable mp3 file.

    Keep up the good work!

    [ Mod: Actually the IT guy or gal already did that for the first podcast, and the mp3 file (with improved audio) was sent to Craig, along with a full transcription, for approval.

    However, Craig subsequently reiterated his reasons for wanting the podcasts to remain as video content only. Kindly respect his rights over his own content.

    To reiterate:

    There is no intention these podcasts will replace written articles or that there will be fewer articles. I am merely trying out an additional kind of communication. I appreciate some people do not like watching videos, or only like watching professionally produced videos. Well, nobody is forcing you to watch. I should be grateful if comments could focus on the content.

    The video podcast is what it is, and no more.

    Thanks. ]

  • Tony M

    Steeve Greene: I agree with you, and it doesn’t need to be high quality or bitrate or stereo, 32 kBits, 22.05 kHz, mono is more than adequate for speech, or 64 kBits, 24 kHz, mono, better and shouldn’t take up much bandwidth, be downloadable over slower and less reliable connections, it could be re-shared elsewhere too, Usenet for example. I’d still prefer to read Craig’s work, and wouldn’t like to increase the workload/burden on him, but don’t like to miss what he’s saying on important or interesting topics because it’s inaccessible, and also can’t abide being sat glued to the machine watching passively someone just stationary and talking at me.

  • michael norton

    The Wuhan Institute of Virology undertook coronavirus experiments on mammals captured more than 1,000 miles away in Yunnan which were funded by a $3.7 million grant from the government of The United States of America.

    Sequencing of the COVID-19 genome has traced it back to bats found in Yunnan caves.

    The revelation that the level 4 Wuhan Institute of Virology
    was experimenting on bats from the area already known to be the source of COVID-19 – and doing so with American money – has sparked further fears that the lab, and not the market, is the original outbreak source.

  • michael norton

    More people have now caught covid-19 in the U.K. than have caught covid-19 in China

    but more than three times as many dead with it in U.K., than China

    • michael norton

      I will have a go at what I think could be the reason, why there have been many more deaths in the U.K. with covid-19 than in China.

      The N.H.S.
      free at the point of use.

      So, many more people carry on living with multiple health problems in the U.K.

      Go back before the N.H.S. most people died before they hit sixty, they were worn out by life, buggered, they could not afford to pay for doctors, so either before you reached the natural end of your working life, or slightly later you were overcome by life.
      We have been to an extent, artificially extending meaningful life.
      Look at all those fat people who ride about on electric carts.
      The N.H.S. treats them for diabetes and arthritis but they will not return to health, where they could again work for their living.
      I expect in China, like it used to be everywhere, unless you are rich, you still have to work until you drop.
      I bet they do not have millions of fat diabetics riding round on electric carts looking for hand-outs?

    • Jack

      I wonder though if it wont be restarted, Wuhan and other infected areas are just one of many hudreds (thousands?) of cities in China.
      I.e. the rest of China cannot have the immunity from covid19 yet.

  • Fredi

    Bob Moriarty is an excellent economic commentator, with a 30 year verifiable track record.
    He has makes the very valid point that if the state wants one thing, then it’s probably not in your interests, merely in theirs. This corona virus is a crisis that they haven’t let go to waste, history will most likely judge them harshly for their response to this.

    Thoughts on the Coronavirus in theirs.

  • michael norton

    Would anybody know, why it is recorded that nobody in the U.K. has yet recovered, from covid-19?
    Yet in Germany they claim 63,300 recovered.

    NHS getting ready to refuse pensioners in to their hospitals

    Dark Days are upon us.

  • michael norton

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
    United Kingdom cases
    Updated 13 Apr at 14:57 local

    so not one patient has yet officially recovered, not even Boris Johnson?

    • grafter

      JERUSALEM—Roman authorities are investigating controversial religious leader Jesus of Nazareth for violating the Empire’s clear “stay in tomb” order. After crucifying him and laying him in the tomb, Roman guards put Him under strict orders to stay there and not come back, rising victorious over sin and death.

      But Jesus, answering to a higher authority, refused to stay dead and busted out of the tomb, establishing a kingdom that would never end — again, in clear violation of the government’s orders.
      “Jesus is a dangerous rebel, refusing to bend the knee to Caesar and not abiding by the law of sin and death,” said one Roman official. “He clearly broke the law by leaving the tomb, and we’re going to be issuing a citation and placing him under mandatory quarantine for these crimes.”
      After coming into contact with many large groups over the course of approximately 40 days, Jesus ascended into heaven and is currently thought to be reigning on high.
      Authorities are also investigating Him for planning to gather with a large multitude of every tribe, tongue, and nation. He says he currently has no plans to obey any earthly king on the matter, pressing ahead with the gathering of those who believe He died and rose again and trust Him alone for their salvation.

  • Neil

    You could exponentially improve the sound quality of your work with a Rode NT1A mic – about £150 new, produces amazing sound for the price.

    Best of luck with the podcast.

  • michael norton

    Now two million people world wide are known to have contracted covid-19

    The U.K. has the joint worse mortality rate with Italy.

    We are in line for the most serious position in Europe.

    • michael norton

      A U.K. Border Force officer who worked at Heathrow Airport has died after contracting coronavirus.

      It really is well beyond time when our government should have started mass testing for covid-19

      we test less than almost every other big country in Europe.
      Now over twelve thousand have died of/with covid-19 in U.K.
      Today we might pass the 100,000 cases mark.

  • michael norton

    In the U.K.
    only special groups or people get tested for covid-19

    In China authorities have now shifted their focus to tackle the problem of asymptomatic carriers as the next phase of the pandemic.

    The National Health Commission in China recently announced that it would begin adding asymptomatic cases to its daily outbreak updates, and would order those cases into quarantine for 14 days.

    The change comes after mainland China saw its first rise in infections in five days, sparking concerns the virus is being spread by asymptomatic carriers.

    We seem to be behind with almost every aspect of this pandemic.

  • Tony M

    Very little information on the care home situation in Scotland can be found, few docs or anyone is speaking out
    This doctor is blogging, Scottish sounding name, but working in North-West England.
    (link found via the swiss site )

    This comment in particular aces it, it’s real, they’ve never seen anything like it, it’s deadly. Care-homes can’t cope.

    Care-homes are on the frontline, not equipped and not coping, staff don’t have the skills. trainiing or qualifications or experience to make the decisoins about life and death confronting them. Have their own health concerns, lack PPE, etc. management care only about profit. Death-pits they’re calling them, medical professionals. In Scotland even patients own GPs won’t visit care home patients, even if their families plead with them, they can only be called in by the care-home itself, and want paying directly for doing so. Hospitals up and down the country are near-empty, repeat empty of patients.

    Any links to bloggers working in the NHS or care sector in Scotland – information NOT from the Scottish Government or state/corporate propaganda organs, on rules/conditions, the situation in Scotland much appreciated, please post them.

  • Tony M

    Found some info here:

    “United Kingdom
    The official death counts for COVID-19 only include people who die in hospital and had tested positive. The death count published on the 16th of April, for the 15th of April was for 13,729 in the United Kingdom (of which 12,395 in England, 140 in Northern Ireland, 699 in Scotland and 495 in Wales) (29). There are sources of data from statistics of death registrations in care homes for England and Scotland, [em]but these data are considered to under-estimate the number of deaths in care homes[/em] and not used for official counts of COVID-related deaths.

    Currently the only publicly available source of data covering deaths in care homes in England are the Office for National Statistics statistical bulletins, which include deaths where the register mentioned “novel coronavirus (COVID-19)”. The latest data, published on the 14th April (30), covered deaths until the 3rd of April, these accounted for 3,716 deaths, and of these, 217 deaths (5.8%) happened in care homes (as well as 33 in hospices and 136 in private homes). The same statistical bulletin also reports that, in the previous week, there had been 6,082 “excess” deaths, compared to the five year average. This latter figure is more likely to accurately reflect the mortality impact of COVID-19 but on the 16th of April it had not been possible to obtain a breakdown of how many of those estimated excess deaths would have happened in care homes.

    The care Inspectorate revealed that around 470 care homes (over 40% of the total) in Scotland had recorded cases of COVID-19 (31). And, whereas the daily data on deaths refer only to symptomatic cases recorded in hospitals, National Records of Scotland (NRS) publishes a weekly analysis of death registrations which mention COVID-19 in the death certificate. This measure captures COVID -related deaths in care homes and other settings as well as those in hospital. Data for the period up to April 13 show that of the 962 deaths registered in Scotland by that date, 237 (24.6%) were in care homes (32).
    The NRS dataset also includes information on date of death as well as date of registration. Registration can occur several days after date of death. For example, on April 5, 633 deaths had occurred, but only 354 had been registered. Actual deaths invariably exceeds registered deaths.”

    Internationally care-home deaths are accounting for between 42% and 57%. The hearltess cnuts here aren’t even bothering to collect, never mind publish data on care home deaths in the countries of the UK, those released are both dated and seriously under-representative.

  • michael norton

    Only Belgium has a higher mortality rate in Europe than the U.K.
    The U.K. is certainly one of the most critically bad covid-19 countries in the World.
    The NHS must have learnt something over its 70 existence?
    One of the factors is being overweight, the more fat you are the poorer your chances of survival, should you catch it.

  • Dungroanin

    The provisional number of deaths registered in England and Wales in Week 15 (week ending 10 April 2020) increased from 16,387 in Week 14 (week ending 3 April 2020) to 18,516. This is 7,996 more deaths than the five-year average of 10,520


    Am glad to see that the deaths registered* for w/e 10th April in England and Wales (so not the whole UK) did NOT go up by another 5,000 as they did the previous week, they went up by 2,500 to a total of 18,000 for the week. If they had been 5k or more on the previous week it would have clearly shown there was no effect from the social distancing and shut down.

    The fact that there are ONLY 8,000 EXTRA registered * deaths for the week, compared to 6,000 extra for the week before – compared to their 5 year averages, is a sure sign that ‘excess deaths are being brought under control – the following weeks numbers to weekending 17th will be in by now too and if they were also in the 8k range then we would be up to 22k excess deaths in 3 weeks. And certainly at the 30k mark including this week and any cases in the leading weeks to 3/4.

    If we are flattening out and declining then at least as many deaths will accumulate on the down ‘leg’ so we are looking at 60-70k best case scenario with the restrictions.

    * the registered deaths is still unsatisfactory and the ONS should sort that out. It is the date of registration, not the date of death. I have registered a dissatisfaction with them. Hrumph.

  • david charles jones


    Decriminalisation must be the first step.

    Illegal migrants must not have to live in continual fear, and their children who have no responsibility for their circumstances should be subjected to some natural justice. ( I assume it would seem to most people cruel and unfair to send someone, especially a child, to a country to which they have only a tenuous legal connection.)

    Legalisation of their position in this country must be a process that may ultimately result in citizenship.

    I must say that I am not in favour of dual nationality and would prefer that anyone granted citizenship would have to renounce any prior eligibility to any other.

    It would avoid the perverse rejection of Shamima Begum’s request to return to the only country she has known.

    It would remove the obvious disparity in punishments for the same crime of someone who is deported after a sentence only because of their dual nationality. (the Rotherham sex abusers).

    Dual nationality has been used to secrete wealth that should have been subject to taxation.

    Dual nationality has also allowed political influence by people who could at a drop of a hat return to the country of their birth ( eg Patricia Hewitt).

  • Enver

    I’m Enver Ukaj I am Illegal To England so this situation is very bad for For me so if any help from government I can’t I’m give the name Andres everything because I’m stuck now from this virus no money for food for Rent so I don’t know what to do

  • Dungroanin

    “The provisional number of deaths registered in England and Wales in the week ending 17 April 2020 (Week 16) was 22,351; this represents an increase of 3,835 deaths registered compared with the previous week (Week 15) and 11,854 more than the five-year average; this is the highest weekly total recorded since comparable figures begin in 1993.”

    It is telling that it has taken me 20 mins of digging to get that basic fact from the ONS website – there is a lot more flak and smoke about care home figures and covid numbers this week, to HIDE the above damning sentence.

    My opinion – nearly 12k more than average; ‘only’ nearly 4k more than the previous week – imagine what they would be without the quarantine self isolation since 20 March, in the following weeks? Given that most of these Excess deaths to the 17/4 would have involved infection by the time the lockdown measures were introduced on 20/3.

    • michael norton

      I’d like to know in the U.K.
      how many people who have been induced into a coma and intubated and put on ventilation, have come off ventilation and been allowed to go home?

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