#SingalongaVanessa 101

I have been sent footage of judge Vanessa Baraitser appearing in a school musical. Even though this is a remarkable survival of the scrubbing of her existence from the internet, I saw no public interest in publishing it until yesterday, when she ruled that in the interests of “open justice” the identities of Julian Assange’s partner and small children should be made public. So in the interests of “open justice”, here is Vanessa singing.

In these difficult times we must all find what pleasures we can. So rather than #clapforBoris, I invite you to give it full voice, belt it out and #Singalongavanessa. With grateful thanks to Joe M for adding my subtitles.

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This article is entirely free to reproduce and publish, including in translation, and I very much hope people will do so actively. Truth shall set us free.


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101 thoughts on “#SingalongaVanessa

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  • Giyane

    I should have been called Vanessa because I love vans.
    I love everything about cramming my van with equipment and battling with problems. Let us give Ms Baraitser equal credit for her enthusiasm for her work. She has loads of stuff to carry, the legal equivalent of drills, wrenches compressors, vacuum pumps, etc

    All this stuff in her case can be carried easily on a bike because it is all mental equipment. The work of Zionism is purely and simply the justification of Israel’s right to control and possess all the land of the Middle East which Israel would have controlled and possessed if only they had been allowed by God to be an Empire like other Empires. But God hadn’t chosen to be an empire like other empires. Had He? He’d chosen them to be custodians of the true faith of Islam, the sole worship of the One God.

    So the premise of Baraitser’s visible antagonism to Julian Assange is that he dared to frustrate Israel’s open disobedience to the Command of God. How very dare he.
    Or maybe, How very dare He?
    Nuff said.

  • Giyane

    I have a one man band company and I have to decide whether I want to be bought by the Chancellor’s offer of furlough money.
    I know Snobbo, who got stuck in power by Algorithms, would love us all to be bought.

    It must drive them nuts that their a millions of people out there who would have preferred a political party to be in power that listened to the warnings about covid 19, instead of accepting the Chancellor’s stupid idea that people can be bought.

    I have borrowed some money at 0% interest to get through this crisis and I expect half of that sum to get paid back by a tax rebate. If I allowed the Chancellor to buy me with furlough, I would be much richer than if there was no crisis.

    But I know that if Snobjo buys me , he will expect me to shut up about the evils of selling the NHS, colonial war, privatising national assets, and a mountain of other things I don’t agree with.

    No Slobjob and your partner in crime Sir Starkmad.
    We are not for sale. Just as your covid 19 will only kill 5% of the population your stupid Tory ideas can only buy 5% of the population. Us free thinkers will never sign a Tory social contract which commits us to war, daylight robbery of our NHS, or workers rights.

    No Deal. This casino cabinet of hedge funders can go to fuck.

  • Belinda Curtis

    Too good not to share… Glad that’s out there… I wondered if it was her mother… Lisa Baraitser has a hand in Theatre Pur. Check that out… She also has hand in other “projects” too

  • Giyane

    It must be awful for Blowjob to have see so many letter boxes staring at him. I wish he had not written his platiudinous guff to mine.

  • Mist001

    Presumably, Vanessa Baraitser doesn’t actually reside within Belmarsh prison, so she must have to come and go like everyone else apart from the prisoners.

    There’s a Huawei mobile phone with a 50x zoom on the camera. I know it’s awkward in the current climate but has nobody thought to stake her out and snap a couple of photos as she enters and leaves Belmarsh?

    A bit like MSM ‘journalists’ do?

    • Artemisia G.

      Vanessa Baraitser is a nasty piece of work. She has turned this charade of justice into a kangaroo court.

      Read this report on her appalling behaviour, commented upon worldwide: https://www.globalresearch.ca/julian-dock/5706492

      May those who appointed this evil specimen as Judge take the decision to dispose of her, swiftly.

      She is not fit to kiss the boots worn by Julian Assange.

  • graham ennis

    I am beginning to think the unthinkable. The abuse of justice by the Judge, has reached the stage of a Soviet era Russian Court. Not yet quite a Stalinist show trial, but getting close. This Trial is NOT a fair trial. it is a criminal, illegal farce. We have to think seriously now about whether the defence team should make a public statement to the judge, and explain that they have no confidence in the Judge, and that they are strongly opposed tom the misrulings, and illegal rulings, of the Judge. They should then explain that this leaves them no other course than to withdraw, and refuse to continue. This does two things:
    1: it means the Judge has to stop the trial. If she tries to appoint some tory toady to defend Assange, He can simply dismiss him. He can also exercise his legal right to withdraw, and remain in the cells for the rest of the trial. This halts the trial. Before they leave, (they do have this legal right) they can also ask the judge to recuse from the trial, and declare a mistrial. then petition the high court to appoint a new judge. If the high court refuses, then the trial can immediately be challenged in the appeals court, and so on. This delays things for about at leat six months, and is a public relations disaster for the UK Goverment. At the moment, this idea loses nothing, and gains the moral and public advantage. we are going to see a rapid verdict, and assange rapidly scooped up, within hours, if not minutes, taken to a UK airbase, and flown out in chains and hooded and drugged. There is now no longer any alternative. we are approaching a massive miscarriage of Justice. Lawyers have legal right to withdraw from a trial at any time, any stage, for a long list of well established reasons. All they have to do is say: “I cannot represent my client anymore, I am embarrased, and withdraw. the judge may well demand to know what the fuck is going on, but she cannot force them to say anything. this is a terrible outcome. but it clears the way for an order from the European court. any comments?

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