Pat Robertson to be banned from UK?

With religious ‘extremists’ being targeted by the British government for exclusion and deportation, how would Pat Robertson be treated if he turned up at Heathrow? As yet there appears to have been no statement from Charles Clarke on this important test of his new approach. Maybe the ‘Pat Robertson test’ should now be added to Ken Livingstone’s Nelson Mandela test of such legislation?

The question of Pat’s visa is raised by Profindpages

“We wonder how this new list would apply to Pat Robertson in the U.S. who went on TV and said that the U.S. government should assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Isn’t this “Advocating violence in support of particular beliefs”? Will Robertson be allowed into Britain after this, or does this new rule only apply to Muslims who might promote hatred?”

Why Pat Robertson won’t be treated as a terrorist in the US is discussed on the Media Monitors Network

“At the very least, Robertson should be charged under hate-speech laws. But such laws are weak in the United States, and many Americans fear the idea of hate-speech laws. So radio and television broadcasters continue spewing hate and dishonest claims in the exalted name of free speech.”

If there is anyone wanting to find out more about the man himself then Pat Robertson’s own site can be found here