Craig Murray TV documentary to be screened today 2

The Ambassador’s Last Stand

Wed 21 Sep, 7:00 pm – 7:50 pm 50 mins

“Craig Murray was our man in Uzbekistan, who says he put his life and career on the line for a principle. He made claims and protests about the apparent British policy of obtaining intelligence via torture. The fallout led to his early resignation, and then Murray stood against his former boss, foreign secretary Jack Straw, in Blackburn in the general election.

John Sweeney tells the story of Britain’s colourful former ambassador to Uzbekistan. He follows Murray, his glamorous young Uzbeki girlfriend Nodira, and a platoon of volunteers as they try to awaken Blackburn to what they believe is New Labour’s complicity in torture.”

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2 thoughts on “Craig Murray TV documentary to be screened today

  • simonron

    Thank you for trying.

    It hurt to watch your programme, as a Green candidate I know what exclusion feels like – you got an even worse deal than I did. I stood against Kenneth Clarke but I DID get in to the church hustings.

    You got a higher vote than me, double in fact, but I was not up against the bnp.

    I don't know what to say further, but if you want some sort of support from an admirer, then I am available.

    It is worth it – it takes time more than effort, waiting is the hardest thing to do and as a Green I don't think we have the time.

    By the way, does your phone still echo ? mine does.

    Regards, Simon Anthony, Rushcliffe Green Party.

  • danceswithcats

    I'm not happy. Not happy at all. I'm not particularly political, but I have read about the U.S. kidnapping people and sending them to other countries for torture and have been simmering.

    Watching your programme has gelled some anxieties for me. I will do something.

    I have written to my M.P. (Mike Hancock, LibDem Portsmouth Sth) about Britain's complicity in torture. I'm going to join amnesty as well. Would it do any good to write directly to Jack Straw?

    Good luck in America, Craig. Keep your head up.

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