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Kim Sanders-Fisher

SA – Thanks for posting the important link. While it is both shocking and very distressing that the Tory establishment managed to succeed in ousting the most visionary potential Prime Minister we have seen in decades through their disgusting smear campaign, I cannot help feeling frustrated that Corbyn did absolutely nothing to fight back.

Part-time PM, Boris Johnson was admitted to Hospital the other day despite surpassing the official end of the UK’s misguidedly truncated Covid19 quarantine period. It’s hard to feel sympathy for a man as narcissistic and selfish as Boris whose incompetent blundering steered us headlong into a needlessly exacerbated crisis that has already claimed thousands of lives. At a daily press briefing there were questions regarding Johnson’s health, specifically whether he was sick enough to take a much needed Hospital bed while still stubbornly refusing to step back from his duties, not that we really miss his bumbling, chaotic interventions. As the new leader of the opposition started to select a shadow cabinet, Johnson was determined to continue leading the “Bedside Cabinet!”

Both Mat Hancock and now chief Medical advisor Chris Whitte are back in post following their one week absence fighting Covid 19. This demonstrates reckless disregard at the highest level in Tory Government for WHO recommendations that would have them both remain isolated for a further two weeks since they could still preset an infection risk despite becoming asymptomatic. I had trouble relocating the Link where I found the WHO Recommendations and everything on the WHO Website is available through pdf Downloads . This recent Article in the Canary highlights the dangerous discrepancy between the well informed global consensus and our Herd Immunity promoting Tory Government dictates.

Contrast the UK Instructions: “if you live alone and you have symptoms of coronavirus illness (COVID-19), however mild, stay at home for 7 days from when your symptoms started.” The Canary article goes on to point out that: “….the recommendations from the WHO are that a person who displays Covid-19 symptoms should continue to remain self-isolated for two weeks after the end of those symptoms. WHO director general Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said (emphasis added): ‘People infected with Covid-19 can still infect others after they stop feeling sick, so these measures should continue for at least two weeks after symptoms disappear. Visitors should not be allowed until the end of this period’.”

Mat Hancock was challenged on this very point by one of the journalists at the first press briefing he did after coming out of self-isolation. He resorted to the standard defence of relying on the advice of top UK scientist… Was this more British exceptionalism or did he receive a test while recommending that other people go on to spread the infection in accordance with the Tory eugenics strategy? Obviously Covid 19 does not have a precise sell by date where the virus magically vacates the host on day seven or jovial Johnson would have bounced back already. It really is time for the Tories to pay attention to the globally respected experts advising the WHO.

Despite the appallingly callous Tory attitude towards NHS staff these same besieged heroes will not hesitate to provide Johnson with excellent care and if anything proceed with additional proactive caution due to his status as PM. I doubt Boris will reflect for an instant on the resounding applause he joined in with as his Tory colleagues defeated a pay rise for NHS Nurses; he would rather the public remembered his empty gesture clapping outside number ten. The health deterioration of Johnson might at last make the Tories have more serious regrets over the horrific reality of the delays caused by their warped Herd Immunity strategy and repent the disgusting sentiments of Dominic Cummings who prioritized the economy and “if a few old people die, too bad.”

Now we face anxiety over how Dominic Raab might function deputizing for Johnson in the interim; will Tory policy be increasingly dangerous and erratic or will the leadership team re-evaluate their flawed plans, start adhering to WHO recommendations and step up to the challenge of seriously ramping up testing. There is talk of an “exit strategy” before we have even bothered to quantify how many people are already infected. Easing restrictions before widespread testing and tracing have become well established would bring another wave of infections and unnecessary deaths. Will this reckless Tory Government, focused on the economic priorities, really care if there is an even higher death toll as long as most of the victims are the elderly, disabled and the poor?

We cannot allow concern over Johnson’s health and recovery to distract us from holding his temporary deputy to account over the lack of PPE on the frontline and the slugfest pace of testing. A hard core Brexiteer Raab is one of the extreme Right wing authors of the book “Britannia Unchained;” a really frightening prospect for leadership, even on a purely temporary basis. Of all the results in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, Raab’s surprise victory was one of the most suspicious, but now he might be in command for a while this fraud is even more egregious. We must continue to campaign for an investigation to expose the truth so that this entire Tory Government is removed from office and the rightful winning candidates are able to take proper charge of the Covid 19 crisis.

While wishing Johnson a complete recovery of his health I only hope that this experience of extreme vulnerability will make the PM reflect on how cruel Tory Government austerity policies, targeting the disabled, the less fortunate, have had a brutal impact and that his loathsome attitude towards those who are working so selflessly to save lives is truly despicable. Perhaps after Boris has had to “take it on the chin” himself he might manage an apology or at least learn to show genuine compassion for others in future. Just a few short weeks ago Boris was feeling invincible and in charge, making off colour jokes about vital pieces of kit; now he will be praying that he doesn’t need to spend any time on a “Last Gasp” ventilator himself! All of a sudden his sick joke is not so funny.