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SA – You are absolutely right to point out that this “should be investigated by the police.” At the time it was taken to the police and reported to the Electoral Commission by at least one local constituent, but the authorities who are supposed to be guarding the integrity of our voting system did nothing despite repeated demands for action. At the bottom of the Coxon Blog post there were numerous comments and among them I found one with two interesting Links. Although I was able to follow both Links for some reason when I copied them into my post it triggered the “Wordfence 403 Forbidden” blocking message. I had to remove both Links to get my content to post.

To see the lengths that Della Reynolds went to in her efforts to get Dominic Raab investigated you can find and follow these Links by going to the comment section at the end of Coxon’s Blog post and locating the comment posted on March 7, 2020 at 3:22 pm by: [email protected] that begins: “This is a well researched piece. Certainly the 2019 GE needs to be looked at and it seems that only members of the public are concerned.” Towards the end of his comment you will find the two links that caused me such a problem when I tried to insert them in my post. One Link goes to a group of exchanges between Della Reynolds, who was a constituent of Raab not prepared to just accept his illegal conduct. It is worth reading her exchange of complaint emails directed towards the Electoral Commission and their dismissive replies.

I wanted to see if there was a way to find Della Reynolds elsewhere on the Internet in Blogs, Twitter comments or Facebook. Without much effort I quickly made a very interesting discovery: apparently Della Reynolds had been entered as an independent candidate in two previous Election cycles. She had not attempted to run in the December Election, possibly concerned that her entry might take votes from a more viable progressive thereby helping Raab, but it demonstrated that she had good knowledge of the whole process when she raised her complaint. In what was once a Tory safe seat of Esther and Walton Della Reynolds tried to make a difference by competing stating on Surry Mommy: “I am the first Citizen candidate to stand in the UK. I am standing on the platform of accountability and social justice. We need to be able to hold those with authority to account; it is a vital check and balance that keeps us all safe.”

On “Who can you vote for” her statement reads: “I’m standing as an Independent candidate in Esher and Walton to provide an alternative view to the dominating conservative message in this very safe seat. This message does not tell the whole story. My website provides information and source links so that people can find out the facts behind NHS privatisation, cuts to school budgets and why there is proposed building on green belt land. My aim is to help people ‘make an informed decision’ on June 8th. Please check out my website, read and share.” There is contact info that I will be chasing down in the coming days.

On Twitter at, Della Reynolds #Truth @phsothefacts, I found that the comment posted by: [email protected] appears to be one in the same person; I’m not sure how these accounts as I’m not twitter enabled. She describes herself as a “Campaigner for reform of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. This unaccountable body is failing the public.” A Pinned Tweet asks: “Want to know more about how the Ombudsman deals with your complaint? Then contact [email protected]. #phso?” There is also one of those rapid sketch video explainers.

As a former NHS Whistleblower I suffered retaliatory sabotage during a period of retraining here; I discovered that any defamation inflicted by a University is protected from legal recourse by something called “Absolute Privilege” and that ended my career. This means that Whistleblowers in Medical training can be effectively silenced with malicious lies and there is no legal defense. “When is a law not a law? When it’s a colander!” Just as so called Whistleblower protections for NHS staff are a superficial sham, so are the numerous official Ombudsman services and Watchdog agencies that are supposed to provide public protection, review and accountability. just like the Electoral Commission: “A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog!” The UK is going to the dogs!

On Della’s Twitter page one precious nugget that Della retweeted caught my eye under “Spot the Difference;” “Coronavirus: MPs given extra £10,000 each for home working expenses,” in stark contrast to Mat Hancock’s comment “Now is not the time to discuss pay rise for Nurses.” One person has posted damning Video evidence: “Our government spent weeks in pursuit of herd immunity, then backtracked when they realised how much more awful it was going to be. A short chronology of some of what they said” is on that video, but I cannot find a separate Link I also notice that the “Led by Donkeys” team were active again with a campaign to highlight a comparison between the Hero and the Zero. It is sad to hear about Corporations and the wealthy elite true to form profiteering from the misery of Covid 19, but we really do need to name and shame them.

On another Twitter page on a 7th of April Twitter post, David McCulloch wrote: “Having undertaken to analyse the 2019 Election Results in relation to the 2017 figures, I have chased the detailed media data promised in March by the Electoral Commission. Unsurprisingly it is not ready, with no timescale promised. From a preliminary analysis of the 2017 figures, focusing on the seats gained by Conservatives in 2019, it is almost certain that Postal Voting is the key to any manipulation. The risk is that both the detailed data and the Russian Report will be deliberately forgotten because of the pandemic. We must not let that happen.”

Another person commenting on Coxon’s Blog posted a link to “>a Facebook group saying; “If you’re on FB, please join this group: DemocracyNotDeMOCKracy” On this Facebook page Emma Lightburn writes: “See this below and my many other posts with analysis of data for last 5 GE, NO-ONE CARES!! We all know GE2019 was rigged. In an effort to try to understand how, I myself needed to go through the guidance for Electoral Officers published by Electoral Commission and pull out the salient point. I have posted my findings as a series of posts in “bite-size” chunks. I have one more that I am hoping to get finished in the next few days which is the process for opening, checking and counting the returned postal votes.

After I have all of my write-ups together and printed out, now that I understand what happens and who has access to what information, hopefully I can see where it would be easily interfered with. HOWEVER: going down this road is long, drawn out and costly to even get an investigation going – and of course who would investigate based upon suspicion. The easier and less costly way is to prove Human Rights abuse because folks were denied their right to vote.

But this is time sensitive as WE LOSE ACCESS TO THE EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS ON 31 DECEMBER 2020. IF YOU WANT TO TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW – Please contact your constituency labour party and ask them to do a canvass of those folks who said they would vote and did not. Ask the CLP to find out why not and if it was because they were left off the register, did not get their postal pack in time or their PV statement was rejected. The CLP would need to ask if these folks would be willing to be part of a potential HR abuse case.”

These are all sentiments I would heartily endorse and if someone is better connected to contact this group on Facebook, tell them about our Forum, and our efforts to get the Covert 2019 Rigged Election fully Investigated, that would be greatly appreciated. Not everyone has been stupefied and stunned into fearful silence by the Covid 19 crisis and the gross Tory manipulation og same; we need them out of office ASAP. There is still resistance out there; we must not give up.