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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Covid 19 is targeting our elderly to inflict a grisly Holocaust in the Care sector as this Tory Government appears eager to dispense with the unnecessary cost of supporting “economically inactive” individuals who remain an inconvenient drain on their boundless predatory ambitions for increased wealth. This is a deadly and deceitful betrayal of the courageous generation who fought and died to remove the yoke of fascism and liberate Europe from Nazis oppression. The Coronavirus crisis is being manipulated by hard right authoritarian regimes in stealth power grabs under “Medical Marshal Law,” certainly not confined to the UK as the vile disease of neo-liberalism sweeps the globe: millions will die in America needlessly sacrificed to the rapacious greed of capitalism.

A recent survey revealed the 74% of respondents living in the UK accept the current restrictions of lock-down overwhelmingly prioritizing health over wealth, but this Tory Government has an entirely different agenda that continues to deliberately truncate the lives of the “expendable” vulnerable sector and wantonly risk those who valiantly care for them in our Hospitals and Care Homes. The stark tabloid warning of a “Catastrophe in Care Homes” with 92 new outbreaks in the past 24 hours, 2,200 homes now stricken and 30 deaths over Easter had been smouldering beneath the surface for a while! The situation is even worse in London where almost a quarter of the 1,300 Residential and Nursing Homes have been affected. An ex-minister railed that the elderly are being abandoned like “lambs to the slaughter!”

The Mainstream Media have finally caught on to the fact that the Tories shambolic mismanagement of Covid 19 is seriously life threatening to us all. “The coronavirus ‘care home catastrophe’ was ‘dramatically laid bare’ by the UK Government’s Chief Medical Officer,” the Daily Mail wrote that: “Prof Chris Whitty told the daily Downing Street briefing 92 care homes in the UK had detected an outbreak of the virus in the past day alone… ‘terrified’ staff members are refusing to work in the face of the ‘grave threat’.” In the Telegraph there came the shocking revelation that; “a third of NHS staff tested positive for the virus.”

Reporting on how incompetent Tory Ministers “asleep at the wheel” had not just mislaid a solitary email, the UK missed a total of three golden opportunities to bulk buy PPE under a joint procurement scheme! The Guardian revealed that “Britain missed three opportunities to be part of an EU scheme to bulk-buy masks, gowns and gloves and has been absent from key talks about future purchases…. as pressure grows on ministers to protect NHS medics and care workers on the coronavirus frontline. European doctors and nurses are preparing to receive the first of €1.5bn (£1.3bn) worth of personal protective equipment (PPE) within days or a maximum of two weeks through a joint procurement scheme involving 25 countries and eight companies, according to internal EU documents. On Monday Dominic Raab, acknowledged PPE shortages – rather than distribution issues only – for the first time.”

Thankfully, both Spain and Italy appear to have past the peak with Covid 19 deaths on the decline and the number of new cases gradually reducing, but very wisely they have not abandoned precautionary measures yet. Italy is still limiting inbound travel with temperature checks on new arrivals on inbound flights and a mandatory two week self-isolation period even for those without any symptoms. There are no such precautions or restrictions being taken at Heathrow airport where the UK continues to welcome passengers from Covid 19 hotspots around the world. This remains one of the strongest of several important indications that this Tory Government has yet to deviate from the disastrous eugenics program of “Herd Immunity.”

On Newsnight an ONS graph revealed a sharp spike in the “all cause mortality” figures for the UK. Although not all of the over 6,000 unexpected extra deaths was directly identified with Covid 19 the numbers are indicative of the type of collateral damage effect warned of in the excellent Article “The Hammer and the Dance.” However, rather than this damage occurring due to our NHS becoming overwhelmed and unable to cope with non Coronavirus patients, it appears that this might be due to a reluctance to call overstretched emergency services and fear of coming to Hospital. Meanwhile, credible advisors have warned that the UK is right on track to suffer the highest death toll from the Covid 19 outbreak in Europe.

The continuation of the disgusting Herd Immunity eugenics project to cull our elderly as the Tories “Final Solution” for Social Care and their stealth consolidation of unfettered control over Government, while remaining totally devoid of accountability, will not end until they are removed from power. The end of the Brexit transition period looms large as Sunak refuses to acknowledge that a second mortal blow to the UK economy in the same year is pure insanity. The need for a thorough Investigation into the Covert 2019 Rigged Election remains an urgent priority in the fight to stop the chaotic rampages of this hard Right Tory Government. We must act immediatly before we lose what little protection the EU might be able to offer the citizen victims of our failing democracy.