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Nobody has actually denied that 911 happened and with all the deficiencies of air defence and so on. But what we have been arguing here is that Covid-19 is a serious disease that needs to be taken seriously. I get the impression that some people deny that this is a serious virus on the basis of some rather shaky information gleaned from various non-scientific, as well as some scientific sources, mostly theoreticians who are not at the coal face. The way the epidemic evolved is not in any way similar to 911 or liable to the same manipulation and selective data release by one government. The sources of the data are multiple and involve countries of different political hues as well as many official, international and national organisations, research groups and clinicians. The message coming out of these sources quite clearly point out as to why this virus is different from Influenza viruses that cause the annual flu. There are some similar features and the major danger is to the elderly and those with co-morbidities, but the spectrum stretches to greater severity and even deaths amongst younger healthier individuals. Because we have no effective treatment (you can use Tamiflu for influenza with some success in severe cases) and because we understand much less about the immunity to the virus, and because of its high rate of transmission, a factor estimated as 1:2.4 (that is one infected person will infect 2.4 individuals on average) which leads to rapid exponential rise, this virus is particularly dangerous. It does not matter how many get mild infections because firstly many get severe disease, and secondly we cannot say who gets the severe disease.
I am sorry I have not linked to any references because they are many but if you want to debate any particular point you do not like then please ask and I will supply a link.
So the next question is how this is to be dealt with and that may be the subject of discussion of how different governments have taken this opportunity to do something or another to limit our freedom, but unless we agree on the first point, that it is a serious disease, then we cannot continue in a sensible way. I do not in any way underestimate your concern that the disease may be exaggerated and even our government and that of the US did that with disastrous results. Incidentally, I did go through this process with you before but we stumbled on some questions which you did not answer.