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Paul, I’ve picked up so many pieces of the puzzle over the years that I now think I have an overall picture of what happened. Most of it matches what you would call the official story, and that makes sense to me because tens, probably hundreds of thousands of people were involved in the many various investigations and court cases, and those people needed to be satisfied that they’d found all the clues. The investigations broadly needed to match reality; it has the be that the devil is in the detail.

So here’s what I think and why. 9/11 was all about convergence of interests. US neocons, NATO, Israel, the Gulf Monarchies, the arms and petrochemical industries – 9/11 was to the advantage of all of these, and all contributed.

A major part was a Gladio B operation by NATO secret services, and the point of it was to draw all the NATO countries into ongoing conflict. The first major action after 9/11, the invasion of Afghanistan, couldn’t have been a NATO operation without 9/11 – there’s a video somewhere about this, but I’ve no idea how I’d find it again, but there was one all important document to be obtained, an order, without which the US couldn’t have got NATO – the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation – into Afghanistan. Afghanistan is, after all, nearly as far as you can get from the North Atlantic without actually going off-planet. 9/11 secured that NATO order.

We know that there’s a Gladio B operation, and that it uses jihadis instead of the fascists of the original Gladio, and that it’s run by NATO secret services. We know all this from Sibel Edmunds.

Osama bin Laden and his colleagues were a secondary target. Osama was an enemy of the Saudi power structure, one of the very few Wahhabis who remained true to his faith, brutal though it is. From a rich family, I think he got to see first hand the boozing, fornicating and drug taking of the Saudi royals, and he found it hypocritical. So he turned against them, and developed a warrior creed in Afghanistan, dedicated to evicting the US from his Holy Land among other things. As such, his organisation was a threat to the al Sauds. 9/11 was blamed on Osama’s organisation both as a cover story and so it could be smashed. Some of Osama’s men, probably an entire cell, probably contributed, not realising they were being tricked. Unwittingly, they were being run by Gladio B.

The torture policy, signed in by Condoleezza Rice and implemented by the CIA, was to produce false confessions and permanently corrupt the testimonial evidence. With so many false confessions the CIA could implicate any Muslim organisation it chose, but more importantly, these false stories could be used to deflect attention away from the Muslim jihadis that the CIA routinely exploits, so that they could carry on doing so, in Benghazi and Syria for instance.

The Mossad’s role was to infiltrate jihadi groups with dual-language Semitic Jews. This is Bollyn’s good work, but it’s all from the 80s and he has no access to top neocon power structures, so he has nothing directly relevant to 9/11. But the principle and his historical investigations are sound; Semitic Jews are Middle Easterners and can pose as Arabs, but their loyalty is to Israel. They acted as handlers and spies, probably in the US too. Another Israeli contribution was to open holes through airport security.

The events of the actual day were almost straight down the official story line. This is the safe way, the way it’s almost impossible to get caught; the clever stuff is all in the background, all set up in advance with nothing to do on the day. NATO insiders had set the timing, knowing when USAF would be otherwise engaged, and when NORAD would be doing a drill with dozens of false “inserts” on their radar screens. Genuine jihadis boarded genuine passenger aircraft and genuinely hijacked them and flew them into buildings. No demolition or explosives were needed; no incriminating evidence if something went wrong. Jihadis could be disowned. The last little bit was that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were “unavailable”, “too busy with ongoing events” to give intercept and shoot-down orders. They didn’t have to do anything but fail, and then only a tiny bit.

But who were these pilots who could fly so well? Well the US routinely trained Saudi military pilots under the 1945 Quincy agreement. Perfectly routine; it had been going on for half a decade. Nothing to be alarmed about, the Saudis are US allies… So how to cover that up? Easy. Only four of the nineteen were pilots; the rest were there to control the flight crew and passengers. So have four of the non-pilots train at civilian flight schools and let the investigators think they’d discovered the pilots. Though they almost blew that one with Hani Hanjour’s incompetence.

What about muddying the water? Well, who first suggested a missile at the Pentagon? Er, Rumsfeld, no less. And who first suggested that the Twin Towers were incredibly strong and explosives must have been used? Oh, the Real Donald Trump indeed, advocate of torture and friend of Silverstein; Trump went on air and said both of those things that very afternoon.

I know that the Twin Towers would collapse if structural failure occurred; I did those sums myself. Could they be sure of structural failure to initiate collapse? Well there’s that Ukrainian I found on HistoryCommons, climbing the North Tower as everyone else was going down, with a stuffed rabbit full of explosives; don’t tell me NATO weren’t embedded in Ukraine. He was celebrating the collapse and fire of the South Tower, and he was delivered to security but taken off by Men in Black and never heard of again. And how many more like him?

And WTC7? Basically luck; a godsend for the cover-up. After a massive lump of WTC1 fell on it, the rescue authorities needed it demolished before it fell over and proliferated fire, so a team was assembled and a fast demolition was done; isn’t there a SEAL team stationed in New York naval base? Secrecy was ordered on pain of being prosecuted for premeditated murder by asbestosis. No one involved has said a word since, enabling WTC7 to spawn a raft of demolition theories that have led almost the entire Truth Movement down the garden path for years.

This seems to me a coherent story. It is consistent with the testimony of major whistleblowers; Coleen Rowley and a host of others, who say that investigations that would have revealed the hijackers were quashed from on high. Sibel Edmonds with her Gladio B testimony, whose Sunday Times series was cancelled at the insistence of the CIA. Michael Springmann, who said the State Department repeatedly ordered him to issue US visas to very dubious Saudis. Susan Lindauer, who says that Richard Fuisz of the CIA knew roughly when and where in advance, but not what.

So there you go; that’s my guess.