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Kim Sanders-Fisher

The big news today: Parliament will reopen… well a hybrid semi-virtual Parliament will open at least. Could this mean more than just the token scrutiny of those ghastly daily Tory PR stunts and a chance to genuinely put the Government on the spot at last? It seemed somehow incongruous for someone as wedded to the last century as Jacob Reese Mogg to be announcing such a high tech solution for our continued governance. He defensively mentioned how the House of Commons had remained closed during the Black Death and I’m sure a few honourable members were tempted to ask if he knew about that from personal experience?

There is no indication that Boris Johnson will participate in this parliamentary experiment despite being fully capable of video conferencing from the comfort of his Checkers hide away. While we do not know how sick he actually is right now it is a lot less intimidating for him to just “pull a sicky” and dive under the duvet until the worst of the Covid 19 crisis is over and he can emerge the triumphant warrior who fought to slay the virus and survived unscathed. He is still able to schedule an important call to his lord and master Donald Trump whose utter lunacy represents a far more insidious and dangerous contagion with the potential for poor decision making dominating the narcissistic presidential agenda.

After Gove’s disgraceful performance featured on the Marr show Sunday morning the indignant Tory spin has been rather insipid. In the US the media have started referring to Trumps briefings as “Press Bashings” as they have degenerated into abusive attacks on anyone not showering the president with adulation during his thinly disguised re-election messaging. I hope it doesn’t get that bad here in the UK when our lying toad PM returns to public life; he will be getting hot tips on how to deflect blame from Trump on that call later today. Boris Johnson doesn’t need to worry about getting re-elected just yet as he did such an amazing job of stealing our votes in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. What a massive upset if a thorough investigation of the result tugged the fake legitimacy of his power out from under him and we were able to oust this wretched toxic Tory Government!

As if it were not vital for us to have a strong opposition right now, there is a storm brewing in the Labour Party. A leaked report has exposed the disgraceful conduct of certain right leaning members of the Labour Party to sabotage their fellow MP colleagues and encourage the targeting of Jeremy Corbyn. As many remain fearful that the Labour Party will lurch back towards the right Blairite faction the new leader appears more intent on targeting those who initiated the report and those who leaked it to the media than on investigating and removing those who were revealed as tractors to everything the party stood for. In one Canary Article, “MPs demand Keir Starmer publishes the leaked Labour report ‘officially’ and ‘in full.”

The Skwawkbox described Kier Starmer’s “investigation into the leaked report as a “Red Herring” in an Article where they criticize his skewed handling of the case it explains why the leaked investigation had to be initiated to defend the Labour Party in the case against those who had smeared the Party with lies during a Panorama broadcast and also: “A similar obligation exists because of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) investigation into Labour’s handling of antisemitism complaints. The party has a duty to investigate and provide its findings to the EHRC – and it found that right-wing party staff were failing to deal with, and in some cases obstructing, investigations into various complaints, not only concerning antisemitism.”

Starmer is not off to a great start with his warped focus on dealing with this issue. A revealing Canary Article exposed the source of donations Kier Starmer was so keen to keep under wraps until after the leadership result was announced. It said that; “Recently published data shows Labour leader Keir Starmer received a £50,000 donation from pro-Israel lobbyist Trevor Chinn – information which was not disclosed until after polls had closed in the leadership election.” Once again an external power is directing the course of our politics for their own benefit and not for the citizens of the UK.

There are worries that the Israeli lobby will pressure Starmer into targeting and persecuting Corbyn even further over fake anti-Semitism charges to totally vilify the inspirational Socialist leader. The Canary wrote that “Left-wingers around the UK are feeling cheated and betrayed in the wake of the Labour Leaks scandal. And there’s one particular response to the apparently consistent undermining of former leader Jeremy Corbyn that should really worry the party’s new leadership.” Starmer is already proving that he cannot be trusted with leading the opposition. The exposure of the horrendous smear campaign that was used to destroy Corbyn might help to set the record straight, but a full exposure of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election result should rightfully allow him to resume his progressive leadership role as Prime Minister.

In a parallel universe we must return to the dystopian reality forced on us by December’s stolen Election. The atrocious Tory hype has become a repetitive onslaught of unanswered questions and lame excuses glossed over with some vague offering of future hope. The Health Secretary re-announced the progress on delivering vaccines with the only new revelation that the Government would be lavishing money on the Oxford lab and a second promising team at Imperial College boasting that the UK was spending more money than anyone else on developing a vaccine. The spin continues, we should thank China for sending more kit, but why are potential UK supply Companies being turned away? Why are we waiting so long for the PPE supply chain to stabilize and what constitutes enough PPE?

When lack of PPE came under attack yet again Hancock managed to name-drop favoured contributors while dismissing smaller companies who have experienced frustrating obstacles with the Governments convoluted and grossly inefficient procurement mechanism. Hancock defensively claimed that 159 UK manufacturers were “coming on stream” before hurled an all too familiar Tory insult about “credible offers” as if a bunch of shysters were trying to game the system during a crisis! This Canary Article highlights many of the questions raised in the briefing today; it makes for a shocking read when we learn that “with the government failing to respond to PPE offers. Many, meanwhile, have reacted to this reality by sending PPE to other countries in Europe instead.”

The accusation that the UK had opted out of an EU scheme for collaborative purchasing of PPE on purely political grounds was raised again. Although it is widely reported that this kit is being delivered all over the EU Hancock tried to pretend that the scheme had not yet made any deliveries. Possibly shamed by bad press the UK has now belatedly signed up. The need is unprecedented as staggering numbers of pieces of PPE were banded about by Hancock. When asked again if the public should be wearing masks there was more procrastination than firm policy amid claims they were “keeping evidence under review,” but reading between the lines it had more to do with the poor supply of masks and the fact that the potential public uptake would deprive NHS staff.

Hancock boasted of excess capacity for testing not being fully utilized by NHS staff amid complaints that the testing sites are not easily accessible and are often located too far away for exhausted staff to drive to between busy shifts. There were adventurous plans to send out testing by mail so that people could do a swab at home and send it in; mobile vans were mentioned too, but we want to see real action. Should we have asymptomatic NHS staff tested? We were told that the test will identify asymptomatic carriers, which is important for closed system studies in Care Homes and prisons… not to be used as a screen but to shows patterns. We didn’t know in the beginning and we still don’t know how infectious asymptomatic individuals are. Of course the public will have forgotten all the media headlines about the infamous “Super Spreader”

The alarming situation of our unforgivable lack of screening at UK airports, but today’s “experts” defended this blasé attitude. Although the claim that infected passengers can be asymptomatic on arrival was true there is no reason why airport authorities cannot treat them all as potentially infected and insist on a period of quarantine. In reality what they admitted to in a roundabout way was that we had managed to build up such a massive prevalence for the infection throughout the UK that those returning from overseas and foreign visitors would represent a drop in the ocean…

There were reports of NHS staff being targeted after publically raising serious concerns about the ongoing shortages of PPE kit as this caused embarrassment over government failures. Mat Hancock defensively claimed that staff were “Celebrating the conditions they were working under,” but then he felt the need to hastily select a more appropriate word than “celebrating!” Sure Mat they’re dancing a jig in the ICU! Then there was a question that must have come from one of the heavily tight wing supporting journalists as it seemed directed at the Tory playbook with hype about preventing Chinese disinformation: them not us! We must prevent that Chinese disinformation while feeding the UK population a string of disingenuous lies and blatant propaganda. “Tory transparency” is an oxymoron!

The Health Secretary proudly announced that with the measures taken so far the NHS was keeping ahead of demand; he gave a reassuring figure of “spare critical care beds” saying no one has been denied care due to lack of capacity. But Mat Hancock insisted that everyone who needs treatment is getting treated… the reality for the care sector paints a grim picture of deliberate neglect. Sure, everyone gets treatment, except the elderly recklessly being returned to Care homes where they can spread the infection to the most vulnerable residents. This is all part of the Tory “Final Solution” for Social Care a silent cull of the elderly and if their carers perish due to lack of protection such collateral damage is confined to poorly paid expendable workers.

17,366 dead in UK Hospitals alone with over 100 NHS staff and carers among that grisly tally, 852 today’s death toll. The plan is working Hancock insists disputing the alarming reality that 40% of deaths are occurring outside our Hospitals in the homes of abandoned elderly and in neglected residential care settings. When asked the three stooges are adamant that such estimates are not accurate, sure we believe you… Please don’t mention how Germany is doing so much better than we are here in the UK, that will really get him riled, responding swiftly Hancock knocked that one on the head fast swiftly bringing the day’s PR stunt to a juddering conclusion. The Covid 19 crisis and the Covert 2019 Rigged Election are inextricably connected; Covid 19 is being grotesquely mishandled, costing countless lives, because we have yet to seriously challenge the Covert 2019 Rigged Election result and oust these fraudsters. It is not too late to correct matters.