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Paul Barbara

@ SA April 25, 2020 at 16:23
There is no case for profiteering in medicine or in medical and hospital care (or incarceration) (unless you are a shareholder or part of the industry). Profiteering means people lose their lives because medication is unaffordable; it also means tiny alterations to medications allow these corporations to extend patents on drugs losing their patent protection, thus extending their overpricing.
And it means profits come before patients lives and health and safety.
Look at vaccines, where the corporations cannot be sued, so have far less reason to ensure the safety of vaccines, all arranged by Big Pharma’s mob of lobbyists and bribers, and corrupt politicians.
Medicine should be Nationalised, in all it’s functions. The vast sums of taxpayers’ money governments pay to these corporations could be used instead to fund public facilities, which would attract the scientists presently employed by the corporations.
I think you are British, so you should know how privatisation has been an expensive flop in Britain, with prices rising, plus bailouts and subsidies to the lucky profiteers, sometimes foreign based.
Privatisation is just a snazzy way of transferring more wealth from the many to the few. Massive infrastructure, built up by decades of taxpayers money, sold off for a fraction of it’s worth to the Capitalist cronies of the politicians, with the inevitable bungs.
By all means have private TV makers, TV’s are not a life-saving product, but meds often are.
Why you defend these crooks beats me.
‘..SARS cov2, which I am sure you will be first in the queue for…’
Wanna bet? They can stick their vaccines where the sun don’t shine.