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michael norton

Just watched the George Galloway show, orbiting the world.
He had some pundit on, who claimed the Saudi Regime is in terrible, possibly terminal trouble.
The price of crude has collapsed, this is on what 99% of the Saudi Economy is based.
The price of crude will not bounce back, after the initial covid-19 crisis has passed, because the world will have stepped-changed, much less international flights, as it was international air travel that spread the plague around the globe. There will be another plague and we must become more intelligent and prepared.
The push to wind turbines and photovoltaic will rush past crude, more people will work and shop from home, so less car commutes. Countries will move away from globalism and make themselves like Medieval states, unto themselves.
Clean Fresh water will be highly prized.
The massive Saudi Royal Family are parasites who suck the life blood of the country.
covid-19 is rife but officially it is only slight.
America is will be very preoccupied for the next decade and will offer little help to the Desert Kingdom.
End of Days for the Desert Kingdom.