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Paul Barbara

@ SA May 1, 2020 at 19:20
‘…Unless you have an agenda…’ Of course I have an agenda – getting the truth out (in this case re vaccines).
I take it you did not watch the video, or you would have seen the strength of the Italian Dr.’s ‘allegations’; she is the advisor to an Italian Parliamentary Committee. I have spent over half the day chasing up links and punctuating and trying to iron out a machine-translated transcript of the ‘VaccineGate English’ video – I have just finished. It isn’t perfect, but it’s better than it was. I have had some invaluable help online from a couple of people who gave me links on a Forum, and also the name of the doctor, it’s Dr. Loretta Bolgan. The website of the assoociation she works for is <>
She explains in the video why they went public before ‘Peer Review’ – because that could take two years, and the information of the dangers cannot wait for two years, in which tens of thousands of children may be injected with contaminated vaccines. They most certainly do intend to put it up for Peer Review. If you are interested, there is a way to get the English translation from the video link to the video, but it will be one without punctuation and with many errors in things like names (from the machine translation), but the essence is very clear. If I had your email I could send you my amended copy; it is too long to post on here.
They found Avian Leukaemia virus and mouse DNA, as well as Retrovirus’s, and loads of other gunk.
If you watched the video, you might well change your opinion of vaccines, if you are genuinely seeking the truth.