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Paul Barbara

@ Dr. Edd May 2, 2020 at 08:27
Did you actually watch the video? Two laboratories found a host of dangerous stuff that should not have been in them; I’ll give a few examples in the following exerts. It is important to realise the translations were automated, and I punctuated them and corrected any obvious errors, not in medical terms as I know next to nothing about them, but don’t jump on any obvious error, because it will either be mine or the translating machine’s:
I know these are long, but I can’t give you a link, because it involves getting the translation yourself from the video site and is quite complicated, but I do hope you watch the video yourself, which is dubbed in English:

‘…With their permission I’m talking about laboratories that are working on behalf of third parties; their work is focused on analysing complex matrices with the latest advanced technology and they have all the appropriate certifications to perform these kinds of studies. Again, the first screening level has been done to identify the unknown vaccine components and we cannot apply the standard validated methods to analysing the unknown vaccine components that were found because the standard validated methods can only be applied to analysing known components which is a normal process for the manufacturers of the vaccines so the phase we are in is one of research and development which will need to go beyond what the manufacturing industries currently do. The first type of screening concerns genetic material so we have looked for DNA, RNA and viruses that can accidentally contaminate a vaccine. We have used a system called next-generation sequencing that until five years ago wasn’t even well-established as an analysis method now however it is considered a routine analysis method that is also available privately.
Another important method is mass spectrometry and with this technology we have been able to investigate the chemical and proteic parts in the vaccines; also this technology is currently used for forensic analysis and this specific technology has been acquired by the FDA for the analysis of contaminations in complex matrices so we are talking about a very reliable accurate technology. We’ve already finalized the analysis on four vaccines…’

‘..we have found a relevant quantity of fetal DNA that was coming from a complete genome so we have an entire human genome in this vaccine which can be classified as a vaccine component. We didn’t find the Rubella; we performed an extremely deep sequencing with 260 million sequences analysed and we found only a hundred and fourteen of Rubella. As a result of this study we have found four contaminant viruses: endogenous retrovirus, leukemia virus, equine anemia and avian leukemia virus. These viruses are widely studied in human anatomy and they can bond with human DNA. This being a vaccine containing an attenuated virus it would be appropriate to understand if these ones are deactivated or if they have been analysed because they present a hazard profile and mostly the quantity far exceeds the quantity of Rubella that’s present in the vaccine…’
‘..It seems that the formaldehyde and aluminum adjuvant in vaccines is forming chemical bonds that structurally modify these proteins and make them incompatible with intracellular enzymes, rendering them impossible for the body to break down. They can also roam around the body and they remain there for a long time because they are very difficult to excrete so once again the question is if the proteins have changed their actual form do they still create protective antibodies?..’
‘..All these problems raise questions about the quality of these vaccines being not a hundred percent guaranteed and if we can’t guarantee the quality we cannot guarantee the efficacy nor the safety of these vaccines ..’
(translated automatically from ‘VaccineGate English’ video site and punctuated and partially corrected by P. Barbara)

Note that Dr. Bolgan and Corvelva have requested information from the government and manufacturers for copies of their own test results, so they can compare their results. They have been stonewalled, and instead of getting their answers they are demonised as ‘anti-vaxxers’. But they ain’t going nowhere, and a have good public backing.
‘The dogs may bark, but the caravan moves on.’