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Kim Sanders-Fisher

SA – I am sorry that we must respectfully agree to disagree with regard to the individual identified in my last post. Sadly, your very strong feelings against this person have inadvertently potentially obscured an extremely important message that I was trying to convey with regard to the catastrophic damage that Covid 19 will reap on the Developing World. Venting for or against the personal choices of someone who has no real influence over policy is redundant so I will not reopen that grievance afresh. I regret that my most important message has passed you by as less relevant, but I hope that my comments made sense to at least some who may have read them. This only goes to prove my point that so few of us really care about the millions who will silently suffer and die in countries we have so grotesquely exploited for centuries.

We ignore their desperate plight at our peril, as it is vitally important that we treat this and future Pandemics on a global scale with an equality of purpose for the good of all humanity. Failing to act decisively in unison to completely eradicate this scourge will allow Covid 19 to mutate and incubate unimpeded among massive populations whose healthcare systems we have already decimated with our selfish greed. The warning signs are there and we cannot afford to ignore them. The challenge of this Pandemic could be an important turning point with a unique opportunity to establish universal cooperation not just on healthcare, but on poverty and global inequality or it could mark yet another horrific milestone on our road to self-destruction and extinction. I fear the latter will be chosen.

There are no committed humanitarians left among the core of global leadership who might still be willing to champion the greater good for all humanity; those illustrious few who did rise to prominence were harshly demonized and driven out by the wealthy elite and powerful decision makers who operate by stealth to infect the populace with their hateful propaganda. Civilized nations that could once have genuinely called themselves democracies have allowed populist dictators to seize power, just as we have now done in the UK. For me, the seemingly unwinnable fight to correct the injustice of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election is more important than ever at this time. If we could just manage to overcome our fatalistic complacency to investigate this fraud, a global champion of integrity might emerge to rescue us from the dystopian nightmare that lies ahead in our not too distant future.