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Indeed Tony. But that’s conspiracy, not conspiracy theory.

I know the term is confusing and seems ambiguous, but it is in common usage so we need to get used to it; master it rather than letting it master us. Hence my opening remark, at the very beginning:

“It is often said that “all you need to be a conspiracy theorist is a theory about a conspiracy”. No. There really are conspiracies, and Craig has exposed more than one.”

I’m glad you turned up here because I found something I think might interest you:

Residents Rallied to Measure Radiation After Fukushima. Nine Years Later, Many Scientists Still Ignore Their Data

I think that the sort of citizen activism is very empowering. I’d never heard of Safecast until a couple of weeks ago when I was looking for something in connection with our conversation about depleted uranium. Please post a quick reply so that I know that you’ve seen this.