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“What about you SA? Do you dispute any of my 3 premises or my conclusion that the WHO has changed history on the strength of an untested report from an unreliable source with a clear conflict of interest?”

First I would like you having levelled the charge that a world leading organisation in infectious disease modelling and control is an unreliable source. Could you please provide me with such evidence? I do not think that such a unit with so many world class researchers and publications and funding, in one of the foremost universities in the UK can be dismissed so lightly by you without producing adequate references from reliable sources with knowledge in the area.
Then you say that Ferguson’s group research on Covid-19 is not published. What is this? or is The Lancet not a peer reviewed Journal?

I do not think that the WHO has declared a pandemic purely on the say so of Ferguson’s group. He may be one of the advisers but there are many sources that have led to this declaration.

I notice from your questions that you start off by questioning all recognised ‘authorities’ by either rubbishing them, with no evidence but just because some layman on a website has said they were incompetent and without providing any evidence. As Clark says there is no point in discussing anything if we do not have an agreement on basic facts such as the expertise of known and universally recognised experts. I am not saying that that is sufficient, because that has to be continuously bolstered by their continuing track record. To give an example, although Ioannidis has had an excellent track record, he has recently done things that are against his own advice, rather a poor piece of research, but with a little bit of scientific training anyone can see the weaknesses of his output in this case. Whatever else he says has only been a matter of opinion. The Imperial group, and others are in the heart of this research and have produced many reports, some publications, and guidelines including to our government. To try to undermine them the way you do is a bit too dismissive for me to try and indulge in refutations.