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The article has a whole list of Purdey’s papers published in the scientific literature. His input had considerable influence upon the course of research, eg. “His theories encouraged researchers to publish in 1999 the statistical correlations between the epidemiology of BSE in cattle, scrapie in sheep and vCJD in humans”, and “As more data and research has occurred, Purdey’s theories still appear relevant although untested. As the incidence of BSE and vCJD returns to previous low levels, data which would be useful in determining susceptibility become sparse.”

It’s ironic that conspiracy theorists depict Purdey as having been sidelined and, as Node claimed, “I’ve never found anyone else explore that avenue”. Purdey’s theories were covered by the BBC, the Telegraph and the Ecologist, and gained support and endorsement from Lord King and the Prince of Wales!

But hey, all just lies of the MSM, eh Node? Or not, in this case. See my “What is Conspiracy Theory” thread; “MSM” – (varies at need).

You’re a grade A twit, Node.