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So we can question government produced data, but where do we then get our data from? If we can’t depend on ONS then who can we depend on? Maybe we can each generate our own data and just use it to suit our purposes. Suicide has gone up. But how do you know? Well it is bound to go up with the lockdown. But is there any data? No you have to be a fool and a covid believer to think that suicide has not gone up because of the covid-19 lockdown, but the government is hiding it.
I personally do not believe in high priests or godlike figures. I have never used this terminology and never believe in any one individual for all my information. I am sure Ferguson, like all humans, makes a lot of mistakes, but he has a large group working with him in a very reputable university. I am sure also that Ioannidis is very reputable and works in a very respectable institution. Neither is the first a high priest of anything, nor is the second one a godlike figure, they are both very fallible humans. They both produce data which adds to knowledge, and science always needs a challenge. But one thing I never do is get my data from OG, UK column or other political sources.