He Is Not Dead, But Sleeping

by craig on May 25, 2012 11:13 am in Uncategorized

In Florianapolis, Brazil. I am fit and well and very busy. I have neither retired from the fight nor am I sulking in my tent. Simply so much is happening in my life at the moment and I am in a crucial period for my long term ability to earn a living for myself and my family. I am also devoting an extraordinary amount of time – many thousands of hours – to research on the Burnes book. So just now I cannot find the resources to blog well. I apologise to my readers and commenters for the intermission, which was unplanned and a result of things piling up on me. But I will be back, and the pressures on me are of a positive rather than negative nature.

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  1. Hello Craig! I’m glad to hear that you’re well. Thanks for starting a new thread as the previous one had got too long and was taking forever to load. I hope you’re having an excellent time in Florianapolis.

  2. Hi Clark

    In two hours time I am giving a one hour lecture to 1,600 students of international relations. It is going to be pretty different from most of what they have been taught!

    I have been at meetings in Dubai, Accra, London and Florianapolis in the last five days. In something of a daze.

  3. Frazer was right, you must have quite a story to tell. You’re on the South American educational lecture circuit? Look out for Richard Stallman; he’s in Brazil to give lectures, too:
    May 28: Campinas.
    May 29: Vila Velha.
    May 30 & 31: Florianopolis!

  4. *phew*. Thanks for that, Craig. Take care.

  5. What a relief. Have you tracked Werritty down yet? :)

  6. Jeremy Hartley

    25 May, 2012 - 12:22 pm

    Strange. I just thought I’d check your site to see what had happened to you, just a few minutes after you posted this……

  7. Welcome back Lazarus.

  8. Best of luck!

  9. Hurrah. Good luck.

  10. Antonio Brasil

    25 May, 2012 - 1:18 pm

    Welcome to Florianopolis, Brazil
    I will be hosting our talk during the International Relations event at Santa Catarina University.
    It will be a great honour.
    Best regards and keep on fighting!
    Antonio Brasil

  11. Is this post’s title from the Parrot Sketch?

  12. Glad you are well. Have been missing the blogs. Hope this stage goes well for you

  13. ‘I will be back’ he said…. phew good to hear you’re well and busy.
    Thanks also for Antonio Brasil of catarina university, you have invited a gem.
    Please let us have any exciting video links and/or links to debates after, its good to talk and exchange new ideas on representative democracy foreign relations etc., as a progressive global force for change.
    meeting people that want to engage, not dictate and streamline, decentralise rather than being centralised by plutonomics and power hungry party politics.

    How exciting.

  14. Clark: Unlike you, Professor, Rose has read the KJV Bible and is presumably Saved ™. Dead parrot sketch, indeed….

  15. The rat will surely enter via side or back entrance to the rat run of the Courts of ‘Justice’.

    MONDAY 28 MAY 9AM-10AM
    Tony Blair appears at the Royal Court of Justice on Monday 28 May to give
    evidence to the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, Practice and Ethics of the
    The court Blair should be in is the International Criminal Tribunal at the
    Hague to account for the culture, practice and ethics of his lies that took
    Britain into the illegal war with Iraq, on the coat tails of George W. Bush,
    and which has left one million Iraq civilians dead and the country devastated.
    These days — and quite rightly — Blair can’t go anywhere without being
    confronted with his war crimes, as happened in the United States just last week
    (See: Why I heckled war criminal Tony Blair, http://bit.ly/JJ1gwi )
    Will the Leveson Inquiry ask the questions of Blair it should have asked Rupert
    Murdoch when he gave evidence earlier this month? (SEE: 10 questions Leveson
    should ask Rupert Murdoch about his relationship with Tony Blair:
    We’re not holding our breath.

  16. Matthew 9:24
    He said unto them, Give place: for the maid is not dead, but sleepeth. And they laughed him to scorn. KJV
    Any way relieved that Craig is waving, not drowning unlike the poor chap in Stevie Smith’s poem!

  17. So Gove sent you one as well, Mary. Treasure it…

  18. The architecture of the Bancia HQ does not actually inspire confidence in the institution does it?

  19. Some context for Mrs Blurt’s* appearance at Leveson on Tuesday – an appointment which has been rather underreported IMO –
    *read the link for her alias

  20. Mensch is a pain. Obviously little constituency work to do as she Twitters away. This was in reply to Jack of Kent.
    LouiseMensch Louise Mensch
    Lots of downcast Labour types on #Leveson timeline today, as Michel, Smith, now Stephens corroborate Jeremy Hunt’s account. As expected.

    JackofKent David Allen Green
    Lots of confused Tory types on #Leveson timeline today, as Michel, Smith, now
    Stephens undermine Jeremy Hunt’s account. As expected.
    She thinks she is so humorous.

  21. I want to attend that lecture. Good luck!

  22. The Biblical quote is referenced in an anthem I used to sing at funerals as a choirboy. I also have a recollection of Fenella Fielding singing it in Carry on Screaming, but that may be senility?

  23. Bad news from NCFC, surely this must mean the exit for Englands Euro hopes this summer…. So much for breaking your ring finger a week before the wedding.

  24. I was a little worried. Good to know you are fine and well.

  25. ‘So Gove sent you one as well, Mary. Treasure it…’

    Ha! Will they be turning up on EBay like the olympic gold-coloured giant-sized cheese graters cum firelighters?

  26. Missed you Craig but luckily your blog has a life of its own these days.
    Survival is more important and glad to see your priorities are in the right place.
    As soon as that book is ready I’ll add it to your others in my collection.
    Every little helps.
    Keep takin the medecine !!

  27. Dick the Prick

    25 May, 2012 - 8:17 pm

    Good stuff.

  28. I hope Nadira and Cameron are well and happy.

  29. Craig, i thought for a minute someone had cut your wrists and dumped you in the woods. Glad to hear you are alive and kicking. I have a question, what’s happened to all those stadiums that were built in South Africa for the World Cup 2010. Are they being used?? I am asking as the olympics are approaching…what a waste of time and money?

  30. Brazil, eh? Maybe South Africa next. Good luck!

  31. A plot to suggest Iran has enriched uranium to 57% has been hatched in Israel according to an unnamed American source. This would of course need verification from the IAEA who at present have refused to officially comment.
    I strongly believe Netanyahu has suggested a ‘limited’ strike on the Qom enrichment facility with recently acquired bunker-busters.
    The complex is here: http://goo.gl/maps/3br7
    and appears to have a surface missile installation. A double perimeter fence has watch towers every 25m and six portals are evident.

  32. When the Zionist-controlled BBC broadcasts the call to jihad from Syria, and reports massacres of children while constantly repeating that the reports cannot be confirmed, I am reminded that lying in warfare is permitted in Islam. IP, Political Islam loves lying, and uses IS to broadcast its lies to UK and US. Isn’t this the very reason why most English people don’t trust Islam or Muslims, the perception that they are economical with the truth.
    It follows in my mind that IP political Islam is funded and befriended by IS, political Zionism, in order to discredit Islam. Lying is permitted for a strategy of warfare, not a strategy for life. If the Assad’s regime, backed by Russia and China, is massacring children in Syria, the BBC should provide documented proof, in order to counteract the perception that other broadcasters such as Al Jazeerah, are distorting the truth.
    Gobshite Zio-puppet Blair should know that there comes a stage when everybody believes that you are always lying, even when you are telling the truth. The BBC recently has produced a string of politicos who say that the Israeli call to sort out Iran is just like Blair’s call to sort out Iraq. Only twat M.P.s were conned by Blair’s lies. If they don’t want to be conned second time round, why don’t they reflect on the fact that Israel gave Iran its nuclear technology?
    Iran is the firewall that Israel uses to protect its Eastern flank against Islam. All politicians lie all the time. Enjoy the film, all those who enjoy films. I don’t even have a TV

  33. Survive and thrive, Craig! So happy to hear from you, I keep checking and worrying.

  34. SpAdam Verity

    26 May, 2012 - 8:04 am

    As though Hitler’s flame-on-tour did not suffice…
    Now it’s Pyongyang-on-Thames:

  35. Obama gives green light for Monsanto’s GM in Africa, including Ghana.
    Obama Leaves Monsanto in Charge of Ending Hunger in Africa
    By Alexis Baden-Mayer, Esq., Political Director
    Organic Consumers Association, May 23, 2012

    At the Group of 8 (G8) meetings this past weekend, President Obama and the leaders of the rest of the world’s richest nations abandoned their governments’ previous commitments to donate $7.3 billion a year to end hunger in Africa, after disbursing only 58 percent of the total pledge of $22 billion and giving less than 6 percent in new money they pledged three years ago.
    Instead, rich nations will leave the problem in the hands of the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition where private corporations will invest $3 billion over 10 years — Monsanto has committed $50 million — beginning in three countries, Tanzania, Ghana and Ethiopia. (Human-rights activists have questioned the inclusion of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, noting that his authoritarian government has jailed dissidents and banned media access to hunger zones. The Committee to Protect Journalists said in a letter to President Obama that the Ethiopian government “routinely downplays the extent of the crisis by denying journalists access to sensitive areas and censoring independent news coverage.”)
    The main U.S. spokesperson for the New Alliance is USAID administrator Rajiv Shah. OCA opposed Dr. Shah’s appointment because of his work for the Gates Foundation and his position as a board member of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), which actively promote expensive and unsustainable technologies like genetic engineering.

  36. yeah it’s the real craig …. always going missing for weeks and turning up in brazil…. last reliable evidence we had, his computer crashed in india…and after hours of free IT support from the forum he couldn’t be arsed to pen a line to thank the little ppl who saved this FBI sockpuppet.

    Glad to see this forum approves of governments killing muslims…you know it makes sense … (as long as they are the right type of muslim)

  37. ^^^^^ So provocative.
    But lame.

  38. Quite depressing to drive through Albury this morning. It is set in beautiful countryside and forms part of the estate of the Dukes of Northumberland, the Percy family. I believe Pippa Middleton has a Percy boyfriend (among many others apparently!)
    The fences, walls, houses and roadsides were festooned with union hack bunting, mostly shiny plastic straight from China, and maybe even supplied from the Middleton family business, Party Pieces. They must be having a bonanza.
    {http://www.partypieces.co.uk/summer-party/jubilee-celebrations.html} Some bargains here!

    Albury Park was the place where initial meetings on the Israel construct took place. http://www.cc-vw.org/articles/coloradohistory.htm#_edn23
    Christian Zionism: Misguided Millennialism
    2.3 Premillennialism and the Restoration of the Jews
    The development of Premillennialism in the 19th Century and the revolution in futurist prophetic speculation concerning the Church and Israel can be largely attributed to Edward Irving[21] and John Nelson Darby together with others associated with a series of prophetic conferences held in England and then Ireland between 1826 and 1833.[22]
    On the first day of Advent, 1826, Henry Drummond (1786-1860), a city banker, politician, and High Sheriff of Surrey, England,[23] opened his home at Albury Park to a select group of some twenty invited guests to discuss matters concerning ‘the immediate fulfilment of prophecy.’[24] Topics included speculation on the fulfilment of biblical prophecy, premillennialism, the imminent return of the Jews to Palestine and the search for the lost tribes of Israel. These conferences continued in the early 1830’s at Powerscourt in Ireland under the growing influence of John Nelson Darby.
    Surely Albury could manage a few Israeli flags for history’s sake.
    I feel sorry for anyone who lives there who dissents from the propaganda being wrapped in the red, white and blue of the ‘flag’. They must feel very lonely.

  39. Poliakov? Why is the call or jihad coming through the Zionist BBC

  40. Florianopolis looks pretty wonderful and beautiful too.

  41. Mary,
    Meles Zenawi is our sonnanabitch so he is ok, and can do no wrong, after all his services i attacking Somalia and turning the place form a a near to a shithole to a totally hopeless shithole, cannot go unrewarded.
    Don’t fall into the trap of Islam has differing flavors. Your own contention of Political Islam says it all: desperate people without any kind of organizational constructs coalescing around the mosques and organizing to fight their own corner for a better life and a fairer share of the god given resources, which evidently are currently owned by the single percentile of population whom verily believe their own rhetoric, and are full of hot air and piss.
    The ziofuckwits exploiting the fissures have funded many so called preachers to set up their soapbox and sew divisions among the only coherent block of opposition to the plutonomy owned by the plutocrats who find the rest of humanity as chattel to be bought sold and traded as cattle.
    Lately Assad has been on the Telly a lot because he gave a speech indicating that Syria had vanquished the external enemies and their internal mercenaries, hence the news footage of the Killer Assad shite, trouble is those who ought to be buying the story ie the Syrians are not buying into the sordid tales of betrayal along with the Arabs in general.
    Note that the latest news concerning Syrian “Blogger” come organizer come superman who has been sentenced to Death: “Hariry”. Even the name is picked as one of the other victims Rafiq al Hariri, and the sordid association of stories of assassinations and plots. These are for the benefit of the hamburger munchers and food wasters from without the Syrian theater, fact is those setting themselves as the “power brokers” in the mid east have been handed their arse back but as yet they don’t know it.

    The game is rigged. The American embassy in Iraq is bigger than Vatican City. It is permanent. We are sitting on Iraqi oil – nobody will take it from us. We will murder a million children to covet crude.

  43. Those interested in Murdoch might want to have a look at this article which discusses some more of his devious dealings, in China and Australia. It can also give you a glimpse of the staggering corruption in China, a thousand times worse than in the UK.

  44. SpAdam Verity

    26 May, 2012 - 3:41 pm

    Lord of the Drones, a Global Tragedy of Blood & Flies
    Part 1:

  45. SpAdam Verity

    26 May, 2012 - 3:42 pm

    Lord of the Drones, a Global Tragedy of Blood & Flies
    Part 2:

  46. SpAdam Verity

    26 May, 2012 - 3:44 pm

    Lord of the Drones, a Global Tragedy of Blood & Flies
    Part 3:

  47. Passerby,
    I don’t quite understand all of your post although I agree that some may exploit any fissures or cracks in personal beliefs and contrive divisions. In Syria, President Assad, we know comes from a Alawi family and he maintains his power by relying on the Alawis who hold top leadership positions in the Syrian army and domestic intelligence service which I believe is a mistake which causes schism and dissent, thus weakening the natural spiritual bond.
    Interestingly another similar problem exists in Iran where prominent humans raise themselves to the status of a prophetic Prophet or deity able to command and dictate the political arena. We record that President Bush redefined himself as an evangelist (Wead: all the President’s children , a strategy that provided a large pool of voters from the religious right that often acted in unison, based on a narrow set of issues, a lesson I think learned from Billy Graham. It is always so easy to ‘wipe the slate’ clean through a religious transformation.
    Among the moneyed and well-established, it was once typical that one son became an attorney and another a clergyman.
    This puritanical and dogmatic rubbish is slowly being replaced by worth, helpfulness and wisdom without the need for materialism and its associated power and corruption.

  48. Oliver Hobson

    26 May, 2012 - 3:47 pm

    Relieved to hear you’re all right, Craig.

    Even strangers from cyber space worry you know.

    Just checking in with a word or two helps.

    In a way it’s like keeping an eye out to see if the milk bottles & newspaper have been picked up from the front step.

  49. SpAdam Verity

    26 May, 2012 - 4:16 pm

    Lord of the Drones. More to follow. Full text meanwhile available here:

  50. Thanks Abc… for the info on Murdoch and China. It is certainly monstrous that Murdoch has achieved this worldwide facility, mainly by acquisition as he planned to do with BSkyB, to broadcast his crap and to rake in the subscriptions.
    SpAdam Verity Thanks too. I had read it earlier on Counterpunch. Very impressive. Not so pleasant to read about is the author’s treatment of his biological son, whom he has disowned, and who is Charlie Gilmour, the lad who was sentenced for climbing on to the Cenotaph in the student protests. It’s on the Wikipedia page for Heathcote Williams.

  51. Thanks SpAdam Verity – I had better check my underpants for the super RFID tag sewn into the waist-band – a 12 mile range is good enough for a drone hell-fire missile to lock. The interrogator captures the unique IDs, and the built-in GPS receiver provides coordinates to pinpoint the location.
    Ah well ‘blue on blue’ might be a thing of the past or is that ‘my idea of heaven.’

  52. Oliver – loved your post. Bit like the neighbour who doesn’t put the bin out – you worry don’t you. (Wish I knew how to insert those stupid faces to indicate humour, disgust et al)

  53. Mark Golding – Children of Iraq Association,
    Hold on there pal,:
    “built-in GPS receiver provides coordinates to pinpoint the location”
    You make it sound so accurate, and it is not!
    The chap who wrote the code for drones did not release it as operational because of the inaccuracies, and the potential for errant hits, however the powers to be pushed the beta version of the code and the result has been many, many dead Pakistanis, or is that “Pakies”, whom have been targeted just because the drone “felt like it!”. BTW the dispute of the author went to court with the author trying to get legal recourse, but as you know in any self respecting plutocracy the rich get away with murder, whilst the plebs get jailed for jaywalking, so nothing has transpired to date.

  54. Rose –
    colon dash right-round-bracket :-)
    or maybe it’s just
    colon right-round-bracket :)
    …this would be easier if we could preview our comments..
    and you can then ring the changes.

  55. Please don’t. 😉

  56. SpAdam Verity Thanks too. I had read it earlier on Counterpunch. Very impressive. Not so pleasant to read about is the author’s treatment of his biological son, whom he has disowned, and who is Charlie Gilmour, the lad who was sentenced for climbing on to the Cenotaph in the student protests. It’s on the Wikipedia page for Heathcote Williams.

    Mary don`t believe everything you read ,what you have read in Wikipedia about Heathcote and his son is all lies ,you should know Wikipedia is well known for being the encyclopaedia of the latrines.
    You can find more activist writings at the regenerated IT our counterculture paper from the 1960`s http://internationaltimes.it/

    Dave Lawton

  57. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/may/26/jeremy-hunt-must-go-observer-editorial
    Had to laugh at this – what’s all this about “restoring” probity in public life – how about “introducing”? There’s always been corruption, impropriety and scandal in public life – it’s what sells newspapers innit?

    Thanks for the tip Kom – will probably desist – don’t even know what a right round bracket is – circle?

  58. Good for you, Craig.
    I haven’t posted for a while, so hello.
    I’m not buying the Homs “child massacre” outrage. Syrian Danny was a fake and I’m damn sure “we’re” in there stirring the pot, either with proxies or some special forces false flag carnage.
    This doesn’t seem to be going away. “We” want Syria, mainly to provide another disaster capitalism feeding frenzy. “Our” boys bomb the fuck out of then place, then “our” corporations move in and pick off what they can. It’s a familiar MO.
    The Beeb, of course, will parrot any scrap of information received as gospel. Geopoltitically, Syria is the next victim on the alter, and never mind Bahrain, Azerbajan (Nil Points) or the 300 kids that Israel slaughtered during Cast Lead.
    What happened in Syria an “appalling and brutal” crime. Just don’t ask the BBC to who did it, or why.

  59. ‘Atos, Unum, Mp’s, Norman Lamb, Democracy & Trust ?’

  60. ‘Conservative MP piloting legal aid cuts may profit from the changes’

  61. Hello Mike – I’m not ‘buying’ it either; of course the ‘game is rigged’ and we all know it.
    Interestingly the game has changed. The Arab Spring and a now fragile peace treaty with Egypt has forced the Zionist regime to rethink Israel’s long term survival objectives.
    The Zionists lead by war criminal Sharon conceived limited conflict with weak opponents such as Syria and Palestine would aid long term survival objectives.
    Peace in the region would kill Israel’s apartheid by natural migration that might also drive out Israelis of Western or European origin who find it hard to integrate with local middle east culture. Israel might disintegrate from the inside.
    Conflict brings Israel sympathy, American arms, American dollars and propaganda (rocket attacks).
    Sharon believed peace in the region would evolve the country back to what it was as Palestine.
    Yet America, the provider has been weakened by the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The world’s economy is crashing and fossil fuel is becoming a scarce form of energy with no real alternative. Israel is becoming isolated, the double edge sword is sharper on the back-swing as pressure mounts for peace. Peace will destroy the Jewish homeland in the eyes of the Zionist terrorists.
    Thus a vision slowly appears – Israel’s enemies must be destroyed now, this year, this month, this week. Syria must fall to NATO bombs and Iran must fall to nuclear annihilation.
    That of course must be the Zionist diabolical plan.

  62. ‘Virgin media threatens, fines and abuses dying customers and grieving families.’

  63. Mark Golding: I liked that, “Peace will destroy the Jewish homeland”.
    I think that eventually Israel will revert to what it was before.They have adopted the Palestinian diet as their own and we are what we eat.

  64. “Simply so much is happening in my life at the moment and I am in a crucial period for my long term ability to earn a living for myself and my family. ”
    Look after yourself and those you love first. Everything and everyone else is secondary.

  65. Good to see you’re still with us Craig. 😀

    Mary, thanks for posting the links on Israel, interesting stuff.

  66. THE ARROGANCE of POWER – Stephen M Walt:
    “Since World War II, the United States has fought at least eight wars (Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, Iraq War I, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Gulf War II), and we’ve intervened in other countries countless times. Israel has fought at least six wars since independence (the 1956 Suez War, 1967 Six Day War, 1969-70 War of Attrition, 1973 October War, 1982 invasion of Lebanon, and 2006 war in Lebanon), and it started the wars in 1956, 1967, 1982, and 2006. It has also conducted innumerable cross-border raids and covert actions.
    Iran has fought one war during that same period — against Iraq — and only because Saddam Hussein attacked. It has also provided material support to groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, but its overseas activities are paltry compared with ours.

    Yet it is these two comparatively powerful and nuclear-armed nations are insisting that Iran cannot under any circumstances have its own nuclear weapons — which Iran has repeatedly said it does not seek — and Israel’s leaders are declaring that Iran must give up even the potential to acquire them.”

  67. The British involvement in those wars is not included I see Mark.
    At the time of the Coronation, we were fighting the Communists in Korea. Almost forgotten now. Now 60 years later, we are still doing the same for Queen and Country but the enemy now are ‘terrrrists’. All wrapped round with the bloody flag.
    This is Michael Caine who was doing National Service in the Royal Fusiliers.
    Michael Caine on his service in Korea:

    “Whenever I killed someone there was no guilt, no remorse – it didn’t feel real. It was during the Korean War and I was just trying to stay alive. It was self-defense. It was always done at night and we never had any idea who we had killed. I didn’t even think about it – we had machine guns and we just did it. I never did anything close up or hand-to-hand. It didn’t give me nightmares, because the Army brutalizes you. It was like the World War I trenches – half a mile apart – and we were just firing backwards and forwards, so we never knew who any of our victims were as individuals. You never saw the whites of a man’s eyes when you killed him.”

  68. Hmm, what does this latest ‘airstrike’ consist off? hasthe word drone been edited out? These latest Aghan murders of civilians, with high tech weaponry and the follow upm report shows that the powers to be won’t like their murderous NATO effort ‘misinterpreted’.

    Thanks, Mark G. Indeed it is arrogance and deliberate planning from the start.
    Why should we forget that in 2000, a russian born CIA double agent gave the Iranian Atachee in Vienna a deliberately altered blueprint for a nuclear device/bomb, in order to then be able to implicate that Irasn had ‘knowledge’ of making these devices.
    That single event clearly shows the premeditated nature of the wests resolve at a relationship with Persia.

    A ploy, sad and tired as the Iraq WMD plot, to vilify and sanction this oil and resource rich country Persia. Its a peaceloving country, a fact to mention at all times, one that is not easily rubbed out.

  69. Absolutely no irony whatsoever.
    Orwell prize: Christopher Hitchens honoured with memorial award
    Widow accepts Hitchens’ honorary prize, as Toby Harnden scoops prize with book the Ministry of Defence paid to pulp

  70. Note that ZBC doesn’t really believe the report Nevermind.
    The use of inverted commas in the title says it all. A little like their reporting of atrocities perpetrated against the Palestinians by Israel. Israel says…etc
    Nato air strike ‘kills Afghan family’
    The blood keeps flowing into the sand and dust.

  71. I see a kind mod has illuminated the nystery of smilies in my post above, Rose.
    More (remove the spaces)
    ; – )
    : – D
    : – P
    Donnie -“I think that eventually Israel will revert to what it was before.They have adopted the Palestinian diet as their own and we are what we eat.”
    Hmmm. Isn’t that more a case of eating (a) what’s available in the region and (b) what the near -identical dietary laws* of both Judaism and Islam permit? And the historical failure of Jews to assimilate beyond the bare minimum with the societies they find themseves in is notorious. Sorry, but it is. They’ve documented that extensively. Judaism is intentionally difficult for outsiders to join, readily forms economic and social cliques, and is, if truth were told, far less likely to accept goyim into its orbit than they are to reciprocate. IMO as long as the creed endures, so will the friction. The best we can hope for is that the moderate aspects of Judaism, which have a humanitarian tradition, prevail.
    *Strictly speaking, these should also apply to Christians. However, they were corrupted by Greek and Roman cuisine, thank God. It was the Romans who became Christians, not the other way round….

  72. What a monster. There are few people of whom Britain can be less proud than the aristocratic arms salesman Prince Andrew:
    Of course, there are some even worse people, e.g. a certain man giving evidence to the Leveson inquiry tomorrow.

  73. It is so hot outside that I came indoors. There was a choice of golf, F1 or tennis. I clicked on to the golf. There was Lord Coe hobnobbing with a smoothie who we were told by Hazel Irvine owns the course.
    That’s not all he owns. Friend of Lords Levy and Philip Green and with a vast empire. Very acquisitive.
    Note his non-dom tax situation. Revolting.

    I assume Coe’s minions are doing all the last minute stuff at Stratford and elsewhere.
    Cowell, Green and Caring here.

  74. Spare a thought for the regular Israelis guys, I’m sure there are plenty of good innocent people in the country. In fact I’ve always been a bit bewildered by the venom towards a whole country full of people, who like you and I had very little choice in what they’re leaders were doing. :-)

  75. The owner of the house in Acton where Warsi was staying for which she was claiming £165 overnight allowance is said to be this doctor.
    Baroness Warsi: Labour urges expenses probe
    Lady Warsi says she made ‘appropriate payments’
    Labour MPs are calling for an investigation into an expenses claim by the co-chair of the Conservative Party, Baroness Warsi, in 2008.
    Questions are being asked about whether she paid rent at a London house, for which she claimed an allowance.
    Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna told the BBC’s Sunday Politics there had to be a “proper” investigation.
    Lady Warsi said she made “appropriate” payments equivalent to what she was paying at the time in hotel costs.
    The opinionated Warsi is always the first to condemn wrongdoers.

  76. Nevermind,
    Is Congressman Brad Sherman human?
    Take a good hard look at this AIPAC android:
    Mr Sherman, a Russian Jew, said, “Critics [of the sanctions on Iran] argued that these measures will hurt the Iranian people. Quite frankly, we need to do just that.”
    Mr Sherman is the leading force behind sanctions that have prevented the upkeep of Iran’s civilian fleet of Boeing aircraft sold to Iran together with a legal requirement to supply knowledge and spare parts as necessitated by safety updates.
    Mr Sherman pressed the International Air Transport Association to apply political sanctions, despite the fact that Iran is a member of the international trade group of airlines and pays membership fees to the body. Mr Sherman also lobbied the EU stopping Iran’s civilian aircraft from using its airspace which rubbed off on agent Cameron who made certain Iranian aircraft could not refuel at Manston Airport in Britain. [Wiki]

    In the past decade more than a thousand people have been killed in Iranian civilian air crashes. The most recent occurred in January this year when a Boeing 727, built in 1974, crashed with a loss of 93 civilian passengers, including children. [Aviation Safety Network report].
    I have reminded Mr Sherman that Russia [Soviet Union] was the most powerful and dangerous enemy the United States ever had (neither Nazi Germany nor Imperial Japan had nuclear arsenals), yet even at the height of the Cold War, Presidents Kennedy and Reagan emphasised that it was the Russian government that was our enemy, not the Russian people. Members of Congress did not suggest doing our best to encourage Aeroflot planes to fall out of the air killing innocent children.
    Bravo Mr Brad Sherman, you have ensured that Iran’s civilian air fleet is the most dangerous in the world. Three cheers for your total obedient to Zionism, your vast memory recall and specialised knowledge; although too menial or too dangerous for humans and other species, like all droids you are entirely and wholly expendable!

  77. "Israel says"

    27 May, 2012 - 11:09 pm

    The immediate logic to point the finger, at the physical location -what is called the “nation”, driven by.. the most combative few.. all at war for land and everything else war promises. all concerned their families might suffer defeat. Stuck in a historical predicament sometimes seeming glorious sometimes shameful.

    Possibly, it is the normal Israeli people which web discussion should most productively aim to reach -at least to allow on board the road to resolutions. It is an obstacle to reach key groups to characterise them harshy, to worry them even.

    Who is for peace, who is for rearranging war, who knows?

  78. UK retailers going bust jumps 38 pct in quarter
    Note an economic growth rate of less than two percent is considered to be a case for recession, however with the current growth rate of zero percent and given the inflationary trends (which currently is far higher than the acknowledged levels) the contraction in economy is a case for depression, hence the jump of forty percent in the bankruptcies within the retail sector.
    The fact that there exists an inflationary economy that is concurrently also contacting is the case for stagflation which has been blighting Japanese lives now for a few decades.
    However it is patently obvious that underwriting wars, making good the bankers losses, and financial aid to various basket case countries that includes isreal, can no longer be foisted upon the tax payers.

  79. As I read this piece, I was thinking of what part Fox/Werritty played in this arming of the Sri Lankan government.
    Sri Lanka War Crimes – Genocide with West Complicity
    by Ron Ridenour / May 25th, 2012
    This is the paragraph on Israel’s contributions.
    The Zionist State — which practices genocide against the Palestinians whose right to self-determination was recognized by 46 governments on the HRC during the 19th session with only the US voting against — hardly comes into the spotlight when the Sri Lanka-Tamil conflict is discussed.
    Nevertheless, “Israel has been a faithful supplier to Sri Lanka” serving the military, commerce and politics, as the Swedish book maintains.
    The most decisive sales and donations in the latter years of war came from Israel (and China). A vast number of combat aircraft—nine of 24 since 2000; 16 Kfir jets in all—and many of the ships (especially six Super Dvora and 38 Shaldag fast patrol craft) used by Sri Lanka came from Israel. It also supplied seven unmanned vehicles, 16 anti-ship mines, communication and surveillance equipment, and great quantities of ammunition; plus pilots and Mossad intelligence agents.
    Makhdoom Babar, editor-in-chief of the pro-Sri Lanka government Daily Mail reported that Israel uses Sri Lanka waters to test their missiles.
    A 2009 SIPRI report, “International Arms Transfers”, shows that between 2000 and 2007, Sri Lanka acquired “several large warships from India, Israel and the USA”. The Swedish-based international arms conflict monitor reported that Israel has been a major and effective arms supplier.2
    Mossad-Israel military intelligence also played an important role in preventing Tamils from gaining their liberation. In the 1980s Israeli experts advised Sri Lanka to create border villages and arm Sinhala civilians as home guards. This is what the US also did in parts of Southeast Asia during its genocidal war in the 1960s-70s.

  80. US Quakers divest from Caterpillar.
    After a roller coaster United Methodist divestment campaign ending in partial victory, the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is so excited to announce that the Quaker Friends Fiduciary Corporation (FFC), which holds over $200 million in assets, has divested from Caterpillar! FFC divested $900,000 in shares of Caterpillar, which continues to feel the pressure from all sides for its production and sale of weaponized bulldozers to Israel, used to violate Palestinian rights and destroy Palestinian homes, schools, hospitals, olive groves, and lives.
    Ann Arbor Quakers asked FFC to divest and issued this warm statement of thanks:
    “Ann Arbor Friends welcome the decision by Friends Fiduciary Corporation (FFC) to divest from Caterpillar Corp. This is a significant step since FFC handles investments for over 250 Quaker meetings, schools, organizations, trusts, and endowments around the US. In taking this action, FFC is truly upholding the core commitment of the Society of Friends to peace. We ask Friends and people of faith everywhere to join us in expressing thanks to FFC and asking them to continue divesting from all companies that are helping to sustain the Israeli occupation.”
    Let’s heed their call. Click here to thank FFC for its decision to divest from Caterpillar!
    PS Caterpillar Campaign
    The company which best exemplifies the interest of US corporations in the Occupation and the complete refusal to address human rights concerns in the region is Caterpillar. The most destructive weapon of the Occupation may not be an F-16 or helicopter gunship, but rather, an armor plated D-9 or D-11 bulldozer. These are the machines that have demolished thousands of homes, uprooted countless olive trees, and carved gaping holes in roads, making them impassable. Even when used in Israel’s colonial intrusions on the land through construction of illegal housing or bypass roads, CAT equipment is being used daily in the commission of war crimes and violations of human rights.

  81. Enjoy Brazil…I am stuck over here in South Sudan at the moment…

  82. @ Israel Says –
    Well, yes. There’s something in that. It is rather the reverse of the policy pursued by Israel against the Lebanese, the Palestinians and now Iran, though, isn’t it? About whose people the same can be said, and whose people have an equally small chance of changing their leaders’ direction. The vast majority of people, regardless of their state’s orientation, want only to get on with their own lives, undisturbed by bullets whistling past their heads, and that should be a statement of the bleeding obvious.*
    Let’s not be beastly to the Israelis? Let’s not be beastly to the Iranians, either, eh? Lift the bloody sanctions and stop demonising them. Ah, sorry. You are the People. You have no control over your State….
    *It should also be obvious that the State’s measures alleged to stop bullets whistling etc almost invariably result in an increase in the number of bullets etc….

  83. The psychopath is answering questions at Leveson, ie putting on another performance. Looking more weasel-like than ever. The right eyelid droops even more and the hands are hyperactive. He should be made to keep them in his pockets. The hollow man is either suffering from a menopausal hot flush or he has had too much sun.
    It is extremely uosetting to hear his voice again.
    I hope Robert Jay cuts him down to size.

  84. A Mr Doron believes in ‘free markets’ for the Middle East. I wonder if he understands the meaning of ‘free’ vis a vis Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

  85. good to hear from u, craig. enjoy the scenery as well.

    MSM psyops continue apace, so many wars and threats of war.

    don’t let it get u down.

  86. His bitterness about bad press is music to my ears.
    Hopefully his voice will be heard from the dock one day.

  87. Mark Golding, thanks for your e-mail about comments of yours that have gone missing; did you get my reply? I’ve just found four of yours in the queue; I’ve approved one and deleted three near-duplicates.
    Your comments were presumably queued by the spam filter, but I don’t know why; it wasn’t the “two links” rule, as two of the duplicates had the link curly-bracketed.

  88. Notice how uses “you” extensively when justifying himself?
    Eg. “you were in a position where you were dealing with very powerful people who had a big impact in the political system,” he says, adding that if these people were against you they were “really out against you”.
    Who is this “you”? Not Leveson or Jay, for sure. The reporters and their public, perhaps. A transparent but often effective technique for creating engagement. But I increasingly get the feeling that this is Blair’s imaginary friend or inner voice, a separate personality from Blair, and one which can be implied to have done all the bad stuff while nice-Blair resons with it ineffectually.

  89. Errata:
    “Notice how Blair uses…”

  90. Komodo, yes, I had noticed Blair’s substitution of “you” for “I”. A useful linguistic trick, simultaneously (1) inducing the listener to identify with the poor, stressed decision-maker and (2) evading excessive personal responsibility for Blair. Has Blair ever thought about this linguistic trick, or does it just happen, without self reflection? I don’t see how the PR coaches could miss it, which suggests that it is a deliberate ploy at some level.

  91. Mary,
    I did enjoy your piece on the Sri-Lanka Tamil conflict. I sponsored a Tamil family in the ’80’s and secured political asylum for Sumithran and his mother and sister. They had fled from Elephant Pass before government (Sinhalese) forces smashed their village. I had no idea at the time of Mossad-Israel intelligence involvement. Sumithran is a loyal and treasured friend who paid a dedicated role in helping research the dreadful aftermath of the illegal Iraq war. Thank-you.

  92. Blair acquired this from his heroine, Thatcher (who may have been given the disease by “Lord” Bell of Pottinger). As time went on and she became increasingly dotty, the habit took increasing charge of her, too. But with Blair it’s pathological now: his universe is narrowing down to two figures – his own unpleasant persona and the “you” which has nothing to do with you out there…

  93. Leveson looked more shaken than Bliar when the protester appeared from the curtain behind Leveson. Fancy Leveson apologizing to the war criminal.
    Jack Thomas from Liverpool emails: Well done to that protester, Blair is trying to come across as a nice sort of guy when in fact he bears part of the responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

    The BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson has written a blog in which he says Tony Blair opened his evidence to the Leveson inquiry with a guilty plea, but in doing so was really preparing to declare himself innocent on a much more serious charge.

    .Simon from Leeds texts: Blair handles the intrusion with super composure, and even addresses his points.

    1223: This is the dramatic moment that an unidentified protester, dressed in a white shirt, briefly disrupted the proceedings

    1220: The protester was a man in a white shirt who began his court interruption by saying “Excuse me.” His politeness ended there, however, as he then began shouting that Mr Blair was a “war criminal” and made further accusations that the former PM had been paid off.
    The protester continued to make further accusations, while clinging on to a desk with both hands. He has to do this because a security guard had both arms wrapped round his chest and was desperately trying to drag him away. In the end, he was pushed out the room by three guards.
    Lord Leveson is now quietly but firmly asking how the protester managed to get into the courtroom, “through what is supposed to be a secure corridor”.

  94. Add:
    1242: One more point about the protester – Mr Blair denied all the claims the man shouted out in court, saying that “for the record” were “completely and totally untrue”. A sympathetic Lord Leveson said that the former PM did not need to give any response at all and apologised for the disruption.


  95. Lisa O’Carroll Guardian tweets


    Here’s the background on Leveson protestor…presumably he’s being held till police arrive at court. http://www.ideasfestival.co.uk/?p=559


    Anti war protester’s name is David Lawley Wakelin from Alternative Iraq Enquiry. He been taken by security into East block of High Court.

  96. ….composure….
    An honest man would have made a dignified exit. Blair hopes his charm will bring him through. It doesn’t.

  97. loving the replay of the anti war protester. a very timely reminder. and an insight into blairs cold calculating persona.
    one has to remind others that this man sought to deceive and that there were and are many willing in the media to assist him and continue to do so til this day.

  98. Blair denied the protestor’s allegation that he’d taken £6M from JP Morgan Chase (whose CEO is currently facing some embarrassing questions about subprime risks and the absence of $2Bn).
    This is at odds with the Telegraph’s report at the time of Blair’s ascension to corporate heaven (2008) –
    £2M annually for 3 years looks like £6m to me. But what do I know?
    I am sure Blair could avoid snags like this if he reported his financial position openly. And if what he earned didn’t go through Windrush #1, #2, #3 and Firerush #1, #2 and #3, his personal maze of financial obfuscation “companies”

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