He Is Not Dead, But Sleeping 121

In Florianapolis, Brazil. I am fit and well and very busy. I have neither retired from the fight nor am I sulking in my tent. Simply so much is happening in my life at the moment and I am in a crucial period for my long term ability to earn a living for myself and my family. I am also devoting an extraordinary amount of time – many thousands of hours – to research on the Burnes book. So just now I cannot find the resources to blog well. I apologise to my readers and commenters for the intermission, which was unplanned and a result of things piling up on me. But I will be back, and the pressures on me are of a positive rather than negative nature.

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121 thoughts on “He Is Not Dead, But Sleeping

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  • Clark

    Hello Craig! I’m glad to hear that you’re well. Thanks for starting a new thread as the previous one had got too long and was taking forever to load. I hope you’re having an excellent time in Florianapolis.

  • craig Post author

    Hi Clark

    In two hours time I am giving a one hour lecture to 1,600 students of international relations. It is going to be pretty different from most of what they have been taught!

    I have been at meetings in Dubai, Accra, London and Florianapolis in the last five days. In something of a daze.

  • Clark

    Frazer was right, you must have quite a story to tell. You’re on the South American educational lecture circuit? Look out for Richard Stallman; he’s in Brazil to give lectures, too:
    May 28: Campinas.
    May 29: Vila Velha.
    May 30 & 31: Florianopolis!

  • Jeremy Hartley

    Strange. I just thought I’d check your site to see what had happened to you, just a few minutes after you posted this……

  • Antonio Brasil

    Welcome to Florianopolis, Brazil
    I will be hosting our talk during the International Relations event at Santa Catarina University.
    It will be a great honour.
    Best regards and keep on fighting!
    Antonio Brasil

  • rob

    Glad you are well. Have been missing the blogs. Hope this stage goes well for you

  • nevermind

    ‘I will be back’ he said…. phew good to hear you’re well and busy.
    Thanks also for Antonio Brasil of catarina university, you have invited a gem.
    Please let us have any exciting video links and/or links to debates after, its good to talk and exchange new ideas on representative democracy foreign relations etc., as a progressive global force for change.
    meeting people that want to engage, not dictate and streamline, decentralise rather than being centralised by plutonomics and power hungry party politics.

    How exciting.

  • Komodo

    Clark: Unlike you, Professor, Rose has read the KJV Bible and is presumably Saved ™. Dead parrot sketch, indeed….

  • Mary

    The rat will surely enter via side or back entrance to the rat run of the Courts of ‘Justice’.

    MONDAY 28 MAY 9AM-10AM
    Tony Blair appears at the Royal Court of Justice on Monday 28 May to give
    evidence to the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, Practice and Ethics of the
    The court Blair should be in is the International Criminal Tribunal at the
    Hague to account for the culture, practice and ethics of his lies that took
    Britain into the illegal war with Iraq, on the coat tails of George W. Bush,
    and which has left one million Iraq civilians dead and the country devastated.
    These days — and quite rightly — Blair can’t go anywhere without being
    confronted with his war crimes, as happened in the United States just last week
    (See: Why I heckled war criminal Tony Blair, http://bit.ly/JJ1gwi )
    Will the Leveson Inquiry ask the questions of Blair it should have asked Rupert
    Murdoch when he gave evidence earlier this month? (SEE: 10 questions Leveson
    should ask Rupert Murdoch about his relationship with Tony Blair:
    We’re not holding our breath.

  • Mary

    Mensch is a pain. Obviously little constituency work to do as she Twitters away. This was in reply to Jack of Kent.
    LouiseMensch Louise Mensch
    Lots of downcast Labour types on #Leveson timeline today, as Michel, Smith, now Stephens corroborate Jeremy Hunt’s account. As expected.

    JackofKent David Allen Green
    Lots of confused Tory types on #Leveson timeline today, as Michel, Smith, now
    Stephens undermine Jeremy Hunt’s account. As expected.
    She thinks she is so humorous.

  • craig Post author

    The Biblical quote is referenced in an anthem I used to sing at funerals as a choirboy. I also have a recollection of Fenella Fielding singing it in Carry on Screaming, but that may be senility?

  • Mary

    ‘So Gove sent you one as well, Mary. Treasure it…’

    Ha! Will they be turning up on EBay like the olympic gold-coloured giant-sized cheese graters cum firelighters?

  • DonnyDarko

    Missed you Craig but luckily your blog has a life of its own these days.
    Survival is more important and glad to see your priorities are in the right place.
    As soon as that book is ready I’ll add it to your others in my collection.
    Every little helps.
    Keep takin the medecine !!

  • cid

    Craig, i thought for a minute someone had cut your wrists and dumped you in the woods. Glad to hear you are alive and kicking. I have a question, what’s happened to all those stadiums that were built in South Africa for the World Cup 2010. Are they being used?? I am asking as the olympics are approaching…what a waste of time and money?

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