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Adam Werritty has given an interview to the Spectator. I cannot find the original online, but there is a BBC report of it here.

It appears an exercise in misdirection. Sri Lanka is mentioned but never Israel. He denies having ever claimed to have any expertise in defence, despite the fact that “a certain expertise” was precisely Gus O’Donnell’s justification for his presence at the Ministry of Defence briefing meeting for Matthew Gould, British Ambassador to Israel.

Werritty asks “What had this ‘villainous’ Adam Werritty actually done?”, while being interviewed by a friendly neo-con rag. It is of course the journalist that should be asking that question, and Werritty has shunned everyone who might seriously ask about it. Meanwhile the parliamentary Table Office refuses to accept MPs’ questions about Werritty’s meetings with Gould, and the FCO refuses Freedom of Information requests for the correspondence between them.

I have not seen anybody deny that Gus O’Donnell’s report omitted a minimum of five Fox-Gould-Werritty meetings. The government refuses to answer questions and refuse to release the correspondence. But they have at no stage denied the allegations published here, around the web, and in the Independent on Sunday.

At the House of Commons Public Administration Committee, extreme zionist Conservative MP Robert Halfon attempted to defend Gus O’Donnell from accusations that he covered up a secret government policy with Israel over Iran, in which Werritty was involved. Halfon is the former paid Political Director of the Conservative Friends of Israel. His defence of O’Donnell – and Fox-Werritty – is extremely revealing.

Q381 Robert Halfon: Is it not for the Prime Minister to decide whether a Minister has broken collective responsibility, rather than yourself?
Sir Gus O’Donnell: Yes, absolutely. On this whole issue of violations of the code, I was just providing advice for the Prime Minister. It is the Prime Minister who decides.
Q382 Robert Halfon: So whether or not there was a separate policy is nothing to do with you; it is to do with the Prime Minister making a decision on whether or not a Minister broke the ministerial code.
Sir Gus O’Donnell: Yes.

I have no doubt that there is a “separate policy” on Israel and Iran, different to that acknowledged in public. I have no doubt that the Fox/Gould/Werritty meetings – and the blanket cover-up of them from scrutiny in parliament, documents or the media – afford a key way into it.

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  • Mary

    The outcome for this little boy and his brother and their Dad was even worse.
    On 9 December 2011, a nine-year-old boy is killed and his eight-year-old bother is injured when their house is hit in an Israeli airstrike on Gaza City.
    Nine-year-old Ramadan lived with his family in the Al Murabetin neighbourhood of Gaza City, near a training camp of Hamas’ military wing, Al Qassam Brigades. On the evening of 8 December 2011, “planes were bombing different targets in Gaza, and drone planes were circling overhead,” recalls Ramadan’s mother, Sa’da. “Their sound was very annoying and they interrupted the television signal, so my husband had to turn it off.”
    “I prepared the beds as usual to put the children to sleep,” she continues. “That day, my husband had bought new blankets for the children, and Yousif and Ramadan started fighting to choose them. They were so excited about the new blankets. When they slept I went to bed with my husband and my little baby, Ahmad. Everything was quiet, and my husband told me that the training site had been evacuated in case there was bombing,” Sa’da explains.
    At around 2:00 am, “I was half asleep breastfeeding Ahmad, when I felt the house was collapsing and rubble and stones falling on me. I covered Ahmad’s face and mine with the blanket to protect him, and immediately after that I heard an explosion shaking the entire place. More stones started falling on me, and the walls started collapsing. The window fell on my chest and abdomen. I turned my body to cover Ahmad. I was in a lot of pain and could not understand what was going on.”


  • Pee

    Thanks for Holly Rigby link.
    Good work also being done here:
    ” brings internationals to the West Bank to experience life under occupation. Ecumenical Accompaniers (EAs) provide protective presence to vulnerable communities, monitor and report human rights abuses and support Palestinians and Israelis working together for peace. When they return home, EAs campaign for a just and peaceful resolution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through an end to the occupation, respect for international law and implementation of UN resolutions.”

  • ingo

    Your cleggs boson links had me in stitches mary, thanks. Looks like the Occupy everywhere moevemnt is gathering speed today.
    It is also news that will be supressed, no worries about that.

  • John Goss

    When you read about volunteers like Holly Rigby, it warms your heart. But that the Israeli government prevents humanitarian aid getting in to Palestinians while super-advanced-weaponry is used to kill and maim (400 cases on the web-pages Mary just posted these tragic individuals whose land Israeli-Zionists continue to steal it freezes your heart. When you know that Friends of Israel in this country and the rest of the western world approves of this theft and these atrocities it leaves you speechless.

  • Komodo

    somebody has released some information to the media, and (xxxx), ….. are getting their faces on television without actually telling us anything of significance.

    Situation normal, then.
    I agree, if the Higgs boson has any destructive potential, we’ll find a way of using it. That is because we are clever apes, not smart ones. However, as an activity, IMO, this kind of research ranks considerably above making Coca-Cola or selling each other credit default swaps, and much more money is tied up in these.
    As an aside, I can now detect picogram quantities of anything you care to name in a benchtop unit which is even affordable, record millions of data points and process them rapidly, using concepts and kit which would have been unthinkable pre-quantum physics. Down to the transistor. NMR scanning, CT imaging…mobile phones..none of this stuff would have been possible if someone hadn’t said “There’s no immediate commercial benefit to quantum physics, but it’s worth funding just to keep us ahead of the game.”
    And we, not the Orientals, would be making and selling this kit at a considerable profit if our commitment to research had been greater…

  • John Goss

    My sincere wish is that one day UK and US war criminals are brought to trial, as happened in the Nuremberg Trials. Nobody wins a war. Empires fall. But along the way everyone is a loser. Even weapons manufacturers only benefit financially and there are more important things than finance. The more advanced the technology the quicker the empires fall.
    The will of the people brought the Vietnam War to an end. None of the culprits was tried for the use of Agent Orange and all the other experimental weapons used on the Viet Cong. People in the United States were not happy then and are not happy now with their position of perpetual war.
    Things are different today. The US economy is on its last legs. Yes it will bring down other economies when it falls, but then the world is able to start again with new values, laws which really restrict what banks and the financial sector can do. Prohibition of weapons manufacture of any kind should be priority, and a world government with a single currency that can at least stop currency speculation. Yesterday, an Australian friend sent me the following link:
    It is an article by a rich person who believes that rich people do not create jobs, and finishes:
    “We’re all in this together. And until we return to more reasonable tax policies that help the 99% instead of just the 1%, our economy is going to go nowhere.”
    I think he’s underestimated the problem.

  • Komodo

    That’s the politician’s “we”, John. Designed to signal concern, one-of-us-ness and you-re going-to-be-paying-for-my-bright-idea.
    Apologies for stepping out of character. I am of course a large smelly lizard. I meant “you”.

  • John Goss

    “Smelly dragon!” I never said that! If there are going to be any beneficiaries it will be, as ever, the neocons, weapons’ manufacturers to the neocons, and neocon energy-exploration exploitation companies! Have to go!

  • Komodo

    Me too. There’s a long-dead animal upwind and I need to freshen up with a nice roll in the remains.

  • Uzbek in the UK

    @ John Goss
    You are absolutely right to state that all empires fall. However; throughout 5 thousand years of civilisations powers have always struggled for dominance in their region and since Great Geographical Discoveries for the global dominance. It is natural condition of power to spread it and dominate weaker. I am afraid that even in case when US is another fallen empire, power struggle will not be eradicated. Even today with weakening US supremacy we witness the raise of China, India and others. These tendencies will dominate the next few decades.
    Comparison of conditions of Vietnam war with Iraq is slightly irrelevant. There had been strong condemnation of the war in Iraq in the US and throughout the world. However; one major condition that lead to the end of the war in Vietnam, has been absent in the last 20 years. US is no longer one of the superpowers, but the only superpower with supreme influence over global economy, diplomacy, politics, military. It is declining now but when the war in Iraq started no one could question US supremacy.
    Things are quite different today. But again, there are no facts to support an argument that what is coming next is better. China today remind US in 19th century with only minor difference, China today is more assertive than US was then. Chinese economy is much more concentrated in the hands of even fewer powerbrokers and Chinese government is less dependent on public opinion or public support then US government ever was. This lead some to believe that what is coming next is not so colourful as some would expect. And your argument about world’s single currency is also a bit naive. Even in the EU where most of the 17 Euronations have quite common history, economic structure and political system the problem of single currency remains quite open. How would you expect for the Democratic Republic of Congo to have the same currency as UK, or Germany?

  • anno

    I like your phrase ‘ a ready to go strategy for .. Iran’.
    In Libya it was a double policy: don’t know what to do/ready-to-go , i.e. pretend not to go but go anyway in the form of special forces, mercenaries and now probably regular troops on the ground.
    The majority of UK citizens used to think it was unpatriotic to read between the lines of politicians even if they knew their hidden lies. That was before the increase of destructive ability of modern weaponry and the increase of information available through the internet.
    The next generation were far too savvy to worry about patriotism or to worry that that firepower might one day be directed at themselves. They were too busy being consumer Thatcher spawn.
    The new generation realise that consumerism was just a throwaway obstacle to distract attention from our evil foreign policy and greedy, elite class.
    Well done Holly Rigby. Well done the whole new generation of under 30s who are really getting to grips with the threat of the Zionist New World Order destroying our Christian/Muslim civilisation. There is a vast difference between the ambition of China to be a superpower and the deranged psychopathy of Zionists Zombies wanting to regain their lost paradise of being the chosen people by destroying everything in their path. Only time will tell if Chinese society has an immune system to protect it from the virus of false-flag Zionist violence which is destroying us.
    You are in a better position to tell because your origins are
    closer to there.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    With reference to the National Defense Authorization Act(NDAA) now before Congress the Rt Hon Bruce George MP, Chairman of the Defence Select Committee discusses the use of private armies.
    Quoting Alex Vines: Mercenaries, Human Rights and Legality in Abdel-Fatau Musah and J Kayode Fayemi, Mercenaries: An African Security Dilemma. Pluto Press 2000, the paper reproduced a paragraph on page 188 thus:
    “Their poor human rights record, their lack of transparency, their engagement in arms transfers, their training in psychological warfare against civilians . . .and their use of people with track records of human rights abuse does not bode well for the upholding of international law.”
    In light of the impending Senate decision to give the Department of Defense the explicit power to take civilians into military custody, detain them indefinitely with no charges or trial, I thought it prudent to examine the Royal Prerogative or non-statutory powers, of the Crown because it is impossible to define the exact limits of prerogative. These powers may allow an invasion (of Iran for instance) without a vote in Parliament. It also allows the disposition of the armed forces in the UK, in fact, the prerogative power to keep the peace within the realm may include martial law and tanks on the streets of Britain.
    Royal Prerogative powers, handed down direct from monarchs to ministers over many years, allow governments, among other things, to go to war, regulate the Civil Service, issue passports and grant honours, all without any need for approval from Parliament.

  • Abe Rene

    @ Anno”Plus ca change..”

    I thought Peter Oborne’s “The triumph of the political class” made it clear that the present-day political elite is worse than previous ones, in that it is more self-serving. The restraining power of the House of Lords (which could be seen as part of the “old” elite) is being taken aay.

    It is this sense that I regard the Tories as better than New Labour – not that I approve of unrestrained capitalism, and certainly not the privatisation of public services.

  • anno

    You hit the apple through the centre, balanced on the head from 100 metres away. I guess the exit of US forces from Iraq gave sureness to your aim. As they leave for home, home has suddenly become Iraq for US citizens. It was ever thus. Whoever argues that we sidestep morality, as in the African Slave Trade, is visited with a complementary affliction, like the theory of evolution by Darwin which starts out by justifying white supremacy and ends up denying the main component, the soul/conscience, or as you call it conscious, of the human being. The rationale of one idea is contagious to the rest of the system. This is from Allah’s infinite power and wisdom.
    I was reminded today that the people of the US, even Muslim male and female combatants, were brainwashed into thinking that they were saving an uncivilised society from its own barbarity by invading Iraq. What many of the troops found is that Iraqis are loving, vibrant, intellectual, human people.
    May that awareness also pass into US cultural awareness. Maybe increasing numbers of people who are dissatisfied with the fruit of US aggression, viz, imposition of martial law on themselves, will seek out the fruit of Iraqi patience and hospitality and discover through that – the truth of Islam.

  • Anon


    Just heard a report on BBC Radio 4 6pm News about the recent case of the Palestinian shot in the face you link to. The BBC reporter was apparently at the scene and the coverage seemed to clearly blame the Israelis. So it probably won’t be repeated. I’ll listen again on iplayer when available as I only caught the end of it as I just had Radio 4 on in the background.

  • ingo

    Attrocities all round and Netanyahu can’t do anything but spit out more land grabs. Its looking like the zionists are spitting venom at not getting it their way.
    In a way of modernising their spite, the term ‘new antisemitismn’is being banded about in a bid to bury this discredited term, once and forever. Those who are opposing the self destructive course of Bibi Netanyahu are being targetted.
    Obama’s envoy, asked to be removed by the Israeli right, has been re confirmed by Obama. looks like he has had enough of being president, because if he does not go to war with Iran, as much as the republicans want him to, the zionists will now try their utmost to get him out.

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