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From the DPP’s Statement Today:

•In relation to the allegations investigated in Operation Enamel, the CPS considers that the evidential test was passed on the basis that the evidence is sufficient to have warranted charging and prosecuting Lord Janner in relation to the particular charges listed below; these relate to nine individuals:
•14 indecent assaults on a male under 16 between 1969 and 1988
•2 indecent assaults between 1984 and 1988
•4 counts of buggery of a male under 16 between 1972 and 1987
•2 counts of buggery between 1977 and 1988.

•In relation to the other three previous investigations, the CPS also now considers that the evidential test was passed. It follows that the CPS judges that mistakes were made in the decision making at the time by both the Leicestershire police in 2002 and the CPS in 1991 and 2007. Lord Janner should have been prosecuted in relation to those complaints.

It is, to say the least, interesting that the DPP states that police were unable to interview Janner on medical grounds after searching his offices in March 2014. Yet eight months later the Labour Peer was still able to attend the House of Lords and claim his £300 a day expenses.

How many more protected villains are still sat in the House of Lords – or Commons?

I am going to repeat this from my last post, as the implications are so appalling that nobody seems to want to face up to them. Some of these boys must still be alive: the Holocaust Educational Trust – Chairman, Greville Janner – should make a real effort to find them and ask what happened.

Given Janner’s later preying on boys from care homes, I cannot read this without a shudder. In publishing it, I in no way intend to demean the dreadful suffering of the child survivors of the Holocaust. It appears that Janner may have been preying on the most vulnerable of children for his own purposes, and there could have been a sick motive to his concern:

I was taken up to the Kinderheim, to the Children’s Home, where there were some sixty orphan children, most of whose lives had been saved by monasteries, by being out in the woods or by miracles in each case and they all spoke Yiddish and I didn’t speak Yiddish and it was very difficult to talk to them but we knew some of the same songs so we sang together in Hebrew they knew and I knew the songs and then one of them said to me the first Yiddish words I’ve ever learnt , he said “Gavreal”, which is Greville in Hebrew and (he) called me “Gavreal spishtie ping pong, ping pong” and he pushed back and forwards as though he was holding a ping pong bat so my first words in Yiddish were “ping pong” and I played Ping Pong with them and they taught me a few words of Yiddish and I found it such a moving experience that for the next eighteen months I went back to them every weekend.

I also list again the positions which Lord Janner still holds according to the parliamentary website.

Vice President – The Association for Jewish Youth
Vice President – The Jewish Leadership Council
President – The Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women
Advisory Board – Community Security Trust
Vice President – The World Jewish Congress
Chairman – The Holocaust Educational Trust
Director – The United Jewish Israel Appeal

All of these bodies need to remove Janner from any position he holds – not allow him to gracefully resign. And they need to issue statements repudiating him, as most definitely does the Board of Deputies of British Jews, of which Janner was Chairman for a decade while he was committing these offences.

The Jewish institutions in the UK are acting precisely like the Catholic Church of twenty years ago on this issue. Where is the openness? Where is the angst? Where is the admission? Above all, where is the apology?

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98 thoughts on “DPP Labour Lord Janner Should Have Been Prosecuted on 22 Counts

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  • John Spencer-Davis

    19/04/2015 11:09 am

    We do not know that Lord Janner’s condition is not confirmed by a C/T scan. All we know at the moment is that no reference has been made to one by the DPP. That may be a simple omission.

    I did note it, and said that it worried me slightly. But I believe that at least one C/T scan will probably have been carried out on initial diagnosis in 2009, and/or in the intervening period. It would be unusual for a diagnosis to be given without such a scan. I also find it difficult to believe that four doctors would confirm a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease without prior records of a C/T scan, even if they did not carry out a scan at the time of their examination.

    Kind regards,


  • John Spencer-Davis

    Incidentally, I do believe that the seven organizations Craig is urging to withdraw Lord Janner’s membership and repudiate his position will in fact do so. And it’s quite proper to publicly demand that they should.

    But give them a chance to get their breath. The DPP statement came out on Thursday. two days before a weekend. If they had repudiated Janner before that statement, they would have had to give a reason, which they might have feared would have laid them open to charges of defamation. They will also want to word such a statement very carefully, perhaps consulting lawyers about it. They will want to avoid giving any ammunition to anti-Semitic prejudice. There is a bit to consider, you know?

    Let’s wait and watch. I anticipate a lot of repudiation in the coming couple of weeks.

    Kind regards,


  • Tony Greenstein

    The key point is that Janner, a member of the political establishment, was protected by some very senior and powerful figures. Quite rightly we should take the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s with a pinch of salt and seek e.g. a brain scan.

    In addition the public interest would be powerfully served by a prosecution of this man. He will be ably represented by counsel and the evidence will undoubtedly be carefully scrutinised but what matters most is justice to those who were abused. If Janner is convicted no doubt a bed could be provided at Broadmoor, Rampton or another similar facility.

    I am tempted to observe that Janner may well have thought he was still in Israel and that like Palestinian children, his alleged victims were there for the purposes of abuse. Both he and others should be disabused of such notions.

  • Michael Scholes

    What is it that ‘Jewish institutions’ are supposed to be apologizing for?
    One of the many justifiable objections you have to the current regime in Uzbekistan is the absence of any fair or independent judiciary together with the imposition of imprisonment and torture without any right to a fair hearing.
    So here we still have at least for now the presumption of innocence. That means until there has been a fair hearing there is no assumption of guilt. Even if there was some mechanism to establish ‘the truth’ and it was established (at least on balance) that Janner had behaved as alleged why should that lead to an apology as opposed to disassociation or am I confused?

  • David Ashton

    1. Baron Janner must be seen as innocent unless and until proved guilty.
    2. However, it might be prudent for the Holocaust Educational Trust to drop him from their current literature, if they have not done so already, despite his foundation role.
    3. It is not antisemitism to suggest that the helpless and innocent victims of other genocides also deserve compassionate commemoration,some mention in the curriculum of our schools and college, and comparable attention in the media, especially movies.
    4. Would school visits to (say) Katyn, Karaganda and Kolyma really detract from THE Holocaust?

  • Parky

    Not condoning his pas, but should we be shocked that 93 year old Oskar Groening is being put on trial today in Germany for being what’s described as the ‘bookkeeper of Auschwitz’. His crime, keeping records of the Holocaust victims and their confiscated items. Compare this with Janner, a serial child abuser who is being let off on some alleged medical technicality. The hypocrisy could not be greater. Fifteen years in jail for a ‘crime’ he probably had no choice in being an accessory to and Janner yet another establishment paedo who is let free.


    Oskar Groening, 93, who entered court using a Zimmer frame is being tried in the northern city of Lueneburg on 300,000 counts of ‘accessory to murder’ of deported Hungarian Jews who were sent to the gas chambers, and faces up to 15 years jail.

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