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From the DPP’s Statement Today:

•In relation to the allegations investigated in Operation Enamel, the CPS considers that the evidential test was passed on the basis that the evidence is sufficient to have warranted charging and prosecuting Lord Janner in relation to the particular charges listed below; these relate to nine individuals:
•14 indecent assaults on a male under 16 between 1969 and 1988
•2 indecent assaults between 1984 and 1988
•4 counts of buggery of a male under 16 between 1972 and 1987
•2 counts of buggery between 1977 and 1988.

•In relation to the other three previous investigations, the CPS also now considers that the evidential test was passed. It follows that the CPS judges that mistakes were made in the decision making at the time by both the Leicestershire police in 2002 and the CPS in 1991 and 2007. Lord Janner should have been prosecuted in relation to those complaints.

It is, to say the least, interesting that the DPP states that police were unable to interview Janner on medical grounds after searching his offices in March 2014. Yet eight months later the Labour Peer was still able to attend the House of Lords and claim his £300 a day expenses.

How many more protected villains are still sat in the House of Lords – or Commons?

I am going to repeat this from my last post, as the implications are so appalling that nobody seems to want to face up to them. Some of these boys must still be alive: the Holocaust Educational Trust – Chairman, Greville Janner – should make a real effort to find them and ask what happened.

Given Janner’s later preying on boys from care homes, I cannot read this without a shudder. In publishing it, I in no way intend to demean the dreadful suffering of the child survivors of the Holocaust. It appears that Janner may have been preying on the most vulnerable of children for his own purposes, and there could have been a sick motive to his concern:

I was taken up to the Kinderheim, to the Children’s Home, where there were some sixty orphan children, most of whose lives had been saved by monasteries, by being out in the woods or by miracles in each case and they all spoke Yiddish and I didn’t speak Yiddish and it was very difficult to talk to them but we knew some of the same songs so we sang together in Hebrew they knew and I knew the songs and then one of them said to me the first Yiddish words I’ve ever learnt , he said “Gavreal”, which is Greville in Hebrew and (he) called me “Gavreal spishtie ping pong, ping pong” and he pushed back and forwards as though he was holding a ping pong bat so my first words in Yiddish were “ping pong” and I played Ping Pong with them and they taught me a few words of Yiddish and I found it such a moving experience that for the next eighteen months I went back to them every weekend.

I also list again the positions which Lord Janner still holds according to the parliamentary website.

Vice President – The Association for Jewish Youth
Vice President – The Jewish Leadership Council
President – The Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women
Advisory Board – Community Security Trust
Vice President – The World Jewish Congress
Chairman – The Holocaust Educational Trust
Director – The United Jewish Israel Appeal

All of these bodies need to remove Janner from any position he holds – not allow him to gracefully resign. And they need to issue statements repudiating him, as most definitely does the Board of Deputies of British Jews, of which Janner was Chairman for a decade while he was committing these offences.

The Jewish institutions in the UK are acting precisely like the Catholic Church of twenty years ago on this issue. Where is the openness? Where is the angst? Where is the admission? Above all, where is the apology?

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  • coddie

    “If Janner is entirely innocent – as his family have protested – and if this is just a case of a group of unscrupulous people who are taking advantage of an 86-year-old with dementia in order to get money off him or promote their vile, far-right ‘political’ agendas – then by exploiting the elderly vulnerable they are similarly as despicable as child abusers.”

    All the more reason this man should have been on trial years ago

  • nevermind

    ‘So you’re now saying that I must say something now because I’m Jewish?! Yet you claimed it was only the institutions you listed that you felt should make a statement and not every Jewish person because they are Jewish? Busted:)

    Well Becky, thanks for chiming into this blog to take sides with a demented man, whatever fast or slow affliction this may be, so you should comment on the substantive issue, unless you are here to detract from it.

    If you want to attack any irresponsible and unexplained cover ups, you should ask those in the Met who did not act during the 80’s and 90’s, for whatever reasons. Its clear by your reaction that this issue is taking up the time of a few good minds and that of some very deprived, wreckless minds to boot.

    you wrote:

    ” but in a court of law there really is no way around convicting someone who is not mentally capable of making a legal defence…or even understanding the allegations brought against them anymore.”

    This explains the pains of the various organisations he seemingly still serves for returns, thank you Becky. Their pussy footing shows they care, that they don’t want to disturb his mind any further, how selfless of these prestigious organisations who seemingly don’t give a damn about all of these organisations, a very Christian notion, for jewish organisations that is, to hold up the other cheek for the poor mite.

    Or are their minds equally disturbed for being lambasted with supporting, innocently, off course, nobody at all knew about these allegations, a paedophile for decades as, for example, the Chair of the Holocaust educational Trust?

  • Old Mark

    ‘If he is suffering from dementia then there are actually some dementias – such as vascular dementia – that can come on suddenly causing the sufferer to decline rapidly as the results of a series of TIAs or mini-strokes. Nothing sinister here – sorry to disappoint the far-right conspiracy theorists nuts.’

    If Janner has been suffering TIAs or mini strokes they would show on a CT scan.However the DPP makes no reference to CT scans in the evidence submitted by the 4 doctors in support of the dementia diagnosis, who instead referred to the results of a Mini Mental State examination. As several commenters on the previous thread noted, a patient can be ‘coached’ in this test so as to obtain the preferred diagnosis. The suspicion that Janner has done a ‘Saunders’ here therefore remains.

  • Republicofscotland

    Its pretty obvious that Janner,is being protected,from on high,it’s a regular thing now.

    Occasionally a minor member of ranks,is thrown to the wolves, Rolf Harris and Max Clifford, spring to mind,but high ranking politicians,usually avoid prosecution,Westminster can’t afford anymore scandals as it is.

    Social media has opened a whole new window for many, as to the antics of certain politicians past and present.

  • Mary

    ‘They’ are now having an inquiry into the CPS decision. Sir Richard Henriques, a retired High Court judge, will preside.
    You really could not make all this stuff up.

  • falloch

    ‘Yet eight months later the Labour Peer was still able to attend the House of Lords and claim his £300 a day expenses.’ Why not? Half the House of Lords is probably gaga. And yes I do suspect Mr Janner is following in Saunders’ footsteps.

  • Republicofscotland


    Nine months after the downing of flight MH17,crash scene investigators have finally gained access to the crash site.

    Heavy fighting in the area had stopped Dutch investigators from gathering vital data,from the crash site. The front line has shifted away from the area,and investigator Theo Haaf,said we can collect information now.

    Haaf added, the area is now saturated with land mines.

    Why would the crash site be riddled with land mines?

    Is somebody trying to hide something?

  • Republicofscotland

    Tony Blair – sometimes called Tony Bliar, a far more fitting spelling – the man who brought in the Freedom of Information Act – claimed he wanted “open” government.

    Yet, when his 16 year old daughter Kathryn attempted suicide on or around 13th May 2004, he and his chaps went to the editors of the main British newspapers and had all reporting of the attempted suicide barred from publication because it was a solely personal, private matter.

    Rupert Murdoch barred publication of any reporting of the incident in any of his newspapers worldwide; I do wonder what sort of political payback he could expect for doing that.

    It remains one of many stories known by but not reported in the UK media. Many people who knew about the attempted suicide at the time agreed and still agree with the blanket non-reporting of the fact it happened.

    Blair also threw a D-Notice over operation “Ore”
    Which could have implicated several politicians in unsavoury acts,involving minors.

    But Blair’s ability as PM to stifle the press,and halt investigations, on certain matters, is a legacy that David Cameron can and will use, to the benefit,of the Westminster elite.

    Janner being a prime example.

  • lysias

    If the police press the matter, I wonder if Lord Janner can be confronted in a court of law, and his alleged dementia can be tested.

  • fedup

    Frederick Smith, who uses a walking frame, was accompanied to Ipswich Crown Court from his Suffolk care home for his sentencing hearing by a carer and a social worker and was taken from court to begin his sentence at Norwich prison in a wheelchair.

    94-year-old Frederick Smith, the oldest child sex offender to be jailed in the UK

    Obviously Fredrick was not on any of the boards as lord Janner the peado of kiddie fiddlington, otherwise his prosecution would not have been in the interest of the public

  • lysias

    I wonder if this news will cause the share of the vote for the establishment parties in the imminent election to drop significantly.

  • a4

    [cm-org.uk – spam filter false positive @19:56]

    Herbie, thanks much for the corbettreport.com link. It takes patience to take in his podcasts because he never uses one word when twenty or thirty will do but he does air a unique range of sources.

    Some of the most striking points:

    – According to a Dutch professor who studies pedophile rings with social science methods, pedophilia is much more than a single means of kompromat. It’s a form of government with taboo sex and violence to recruit talented sociopaths and enforce their loyalty. Like other gangs and mafia, illegal initiation bonds the organization.

    – The Holly Grieg case shows signs of data poisoning, with factual absurdities like nonexistent principals. It can function like Icke-style alien lizard overlords, an easy-mock way to discredit imprecise public denunciations. At the same time, it stokes and misdirects moral panic.

    – This is not just the UK. It’s the US (Franklin Scandal, Penn State, Epstein), the Netherlands (Joris Demmink), and other NATO and US allies, [inter alia Belgium (Dutroux)]

  • S Paterson

    Another utterly disgusting paedophile protected by the MOST hellish Establishment. Along the way making mega-bucks and living the GOOD life. No worry of anyone sticking anything in any of his orifices if he didn’t want or like it. And of course this slug knew that he had many friends in high places who would always protect him and he was right. Name of the game, for him and many others, drag the child abuse issue out until they are incapacitated or ten feet under.

    Sad oh so VERY sad for the poor, poor victims. Children who had clearly already suffered so much. It’s just diabolical.

    Someone should track down some of the tragic ‘ping-pong orphans’ from the holocaust and question them. Then again that might not work. Let’s face it if you were a poor wee traumatised child, with no REAL loving adult to protect you, who’s getting attention, food and a ‘form’ of love you may not want to speak out. Add to that as you grow up and realise he’s idolised by the International Jewish Community, mega-rich and a member of the UK House of Lords speaking out becomes totally impossible especially if Mossad is monitoring your back door.

    People like him are ageing or dying off. Paedophilia is most certainly not. Paedophile rings which involve powerful people still exist in the UK. Let’s not be diverted or blinded to what’s still most definitely going on. Orphanages, institutions, mental hospitals and morgues may not be targeted now however they will still find a way to sexually abuse vulnerable children from here or abroad.

  • Hieroglyph

    I just learned that Lord Janner was enobled by a certain Tony Blair. Long after the initial allegations. I guess Blair will tell us he knew nothing, and perhaps he didn’t. But he’s long since proved that he isn’t worthy of the benefit of the doubt.

    It does look like we are at the beginning of the revelations. I can only admire the bravery of those who were abused, who know that their life could be in danger. I feel for them all today – but hopefully it isn’t over. Cover-ups happen, but I’d like to think that child-abuse is so serious a violation that – eventually – the truth will out. Naive, perhaps.

  • Julie Santander

    UK Common Law has been replaced by Talmudic Law.


    And in Canada, The Canadian Institute of Talmudic Law & Ethics “The Talmud’s ancient teachings are both rich and complex, and its unique analytical approach to law, is intriguing to the minds of those who dared delve into it. The complexities of Jewish law are particularly brilliant when compared and contrasted to contemporary secular law and relevant legal matters of today.”


    The Jewish Talmud is taboo because of the writings against Gentiles. Check out “Talmud, facts are facts” by Jeff Rense.

  • Mason

    If we had powerful establishment figures abusing young children in the past, I think it is statistically likely that we have powerful establishment figures with those tastes now. So unless the incoming stream of new establishment paedophiles and all the legacy ones are suppressing their urges

  • Mason

    Hit submit by mistake earlier – apologies.

    If we had powerful establishment figures abusing young children in the past, I think it is statistically likely that we have powerful establishment figures with those tastes now. So unless the new incoming establishment paedophiles (plus all the legacy ones) are completely suppressing their urges I think it is fair to assume that we still have a network of child abusers at work. It is however not possible for the establishment to prosecute any of these people regardless of guilt. Each one of them is a domino that can take the entire chain down. For this reason they must all be shielded from the law. The best we will get is the odd name of a few dead men and possibly a few innocent men put of trial to visibly undermine the legitimacy of the “Police Investigation”.

    In the end they will find exactly what they set out to find. This is the UK and it has always been like this.

  • ChristineH

    Further to police being unable to interview Janner in March 2014 due to health issues, one Guardian commenter pointed out this morning

    “Lord Janner was appointed to the House of Lords Consolidation Bills Committee on the 12th June 2014”

    Seems to be something rotten in the House of Lords, but the stench passes to other bodies involved in the cover up, particularly remembering Ernest Saunders, who could not be tried on the grounds of pre senile dementia, from which, of course, he recovered.

    Another commenter also pointed out that Janner was honoured by having kindergartens named after him in Israel, just to say he is past being charged, is dodging too many bullets that have yet to be exhumed.

  • Jack

    There appears to be a belief, possibly due to the rather disingenuous statement from Alison Saunders, that being unfit to plead by virtue of dementia means that the matter cannot by heard in a court of law. This is false . Another procedure can be followed which although not leading to a conviction can be used to establish the facts as a result of witness testimony and examination. Here is a recent example . Once you read it you will probably be asking yourself why the CPS are not taking this course of action. Indeed why aren’t they ? http://www.westernmorningnews.co.uk/Pensioner-child-rape-charges-unfit-court/story-11678488-detail/story.html

  • jan

    re the newsreader visiting the children’s home in the 1960s. He wouldn’t be the same chap who was photographed in the company of Jimmy Savile and other celebrities while on board a cruise ship in 1988?

  • John Spencer-Davis

    18/04/2015 8:56 pm

    The more I look at the DPP’s decision, the uglier it seems – and disingenuous is a highly appropriate word to describe the statement by Alison Saunders. I went looking for any indication that a “trial of fact” had been considered. I think it has, but the statement is written in such a way as to conceal that such an option is even available.

    I believe the way the statement has been written is quite deliberate.

    “The CPS considers that in the light of the medical evidence Lord Janner would inevitably be found not fit to plead, not fit to instruct his legal team and not fit to challenge or give evidence in a trial. That means that a criminal trial, to determine whether or not he was guilty of any offence, could not now properly take place.”

    That’s quite true. But it in no way means that a trial could not take place. As you rightly say, one could, easily. The DPP’s statement is written in such a way as to conceal this fact.

    And the victims want one.

    “The CPS has considered with particular care whether it would nevertheless be appropriate to launch a fitness to plead process. In such a process,there is no determination of the criminal charge, no criminal verdict and no question of conviction or punishment. The powers of the court are “restricted to measures designed to treat, rehabilitate and support while, in the most serious cases, providing protection for the public” (Wells, Masud, Hone and Kail and R [2015] EWCA Crim 2.)

    “There are thus some cases in which such a process may be appropriate in order for example to protect the public either by a hospital order or by a supervision order. However, in this case, the CPS judges that the outcome of such proceedings would not only be without conviction, but would also result in an absolute discharge. The medical evidence establishes both that there is no current risk of re-offending identified and that there is no likelihood of the defendant recovering from his medical condition (and thus that there is no future risk of reoffending either).”

    All of that must of necessity be true of the same case you quoted. None of it means that a trial could not take place – as clearly one did in that case.

    Here’s the clincher:

    “Balancing these factors with those in favour of prosecution, the balance is that there is not a public interest in commencing criminal proceedings in this case.”

    Trial of fact has been considered and it’s not going to be done, and there is no explanation of why, except that the “balance” is that it’s “not a public interest”.

    Appalling decision, well concealed. Thanks, Jack.

    Kind regards,


  • Old Mark

    Jan 10.11pm- the newsreader pictured with Saville on a cruise ship in 1988 worked for ITN; Mary’s recollection 2 days ago referred to an encounter with a BBC newsreader.

  • nevermind

    Why should Lord Janner not get a trial because he cannot plead’ due to his mental state? when other precedences show that he could be trialled in absentia and found guilty.

    Alison Saunders should resign if she is unable to bring this trial to court, because we can not expect that the inquiry and subsequent trials in future are not perverted with similar shimmying.

    Fitness to plead tests and trial in absentia are not considered. Why when such clear evidence exist? What else does the CPS hold back?

    I give very little by Ms. Mays false indignation.
    If she is unwilling to act and sack Ms. Saunders she is aiding and abetting the growing of long grass.

    Why should Lord Janner evade justice when his mental state is , as yet, not being backed up by facts such as a brain scan?
    Is he in charge of his financial affairs?
    does he still serve on various bodies?
    what was taken in the raid on his house/office in 2014?

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