Werritty’s Chum Matthew Gould Took Janner to Kindergarten 70

Adam Werritty’s friend and long term contact, the British Ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, accompanied Greville Janner to visit a kindergarten in Israel in 2012, which was named in Janner’s honour. I wonder if the government of Israel will now change the name?

The irony of naming a kindergarten after Janner is extraordinary. But is it not strange that in 2012, when Janner’s activities had been known to the authorities for decades, Matthew Gould was accompanying him to a kindergarten of all places? Is the Foreign Office really that dense? It is also not normal for an Ambassador to accompany an opposition Lord around in this way.

I could not help but be struck by the link below the last linked piece, to an article by Greville Janner entitled “My Friend Michael Jackson“.

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