Consultation on the right to demonstrate 2

A consultation has been initiated by the UK Home Office on the rights to demonstrate near Parliament.

The consultation paper Managing Protest around Parliament stems from a Governance of Britain green paper in which the government committed to consulting on the sections of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act covering demonstrations near Parliament.

This consultation takes another look at sections 132-138 of that act, and explores whether there is another way to address the situation that would both uphold the right to protest while also giving police the powers they need to keep the peace.

Time is running out for expressing an opinion so if you are concerned about this issue get involved.

The report ‘ Managing Protest around Parliament’ can be read here

The consultation closes on 17 January 2008.

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2 thoughts on “Consultation on the right to demonstrate

  • macshealbhaich

    I think this iniquitous and anti-democratic Act should be repealed. It was aimed at Brian Haw, and annoyed Mr Plod when he couldn't use it as the judges pointed out that retroactive legislation is ultra vires.

    And given the way he behaved over the Foxhunting Demo – I was there and was appalled at the police conduct – I don't think he can be trusted as a guardian of our "ancient freedoms and usages of the subjects" (as K Charles I pointed out at his show trial), so to equip him with such a piece of repressive legislation is dangerous: take it away from him.

  • Amir

    Dear Craig,

    Do you happen to know Mr. William B. Royce, who is supposed to be the former head of the Farsi division of Voice of America and the current head of the Dari service? Was he in any way involved in shutting down the Voice of America Uzbek service after 13-Aug-04 after a supposed suicide attack against the US embassy?

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