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3 thoughts on “Blair stars on Barnycam

  • Rob

    No normal person would say "As someone born in Edinburgh, Scotland……" any more than a real Frenchman would describe himself as being from Paris, France. One might say "As a Scot from Edinburgh….", but clearly not even Blair thinks that would wash given his ill-concealed hostility toward devolution. No, the man is morphing into a Merkin: and they're welcome to him. They can store him in the same toxic waste dump where they keep Ayaan Hirsi Magan and other unmissed European exports.

  • Boss

    The Scottie Terrier, The Poodle, and The Barking Mad Talking (sort of) Bush, is this some kind of a sign?

    It used to be three wise-men calling and declaring a new age of hope, and ascendancy.

    It is now three stooges, with only one true to kind Barney among them, playing us all for fools, while the markets melt (more deregulation, They Demand, until fit hits the shan, then more government intervention, and tax money They Say) telling us that it is going to be more of the same, and we can look forward to being fondled in the train stations shortly too (in the name of security, and all in the best possible taste).

    Then there are the wars, that are won, and in the process of being re-won cuz we like wining so much. While the 'Success' in Afghanistan is under siege, and more lives lost, cuz we now debate what is the meaning of success, and come to the conclusion it is new Success, that we have to get used to.

    Well the depressing zeitgeist, can only lead to three stooges bringing the message of despair, wars, and incompetence that is now known as Success. Although it can be argued that were these two stooges, and their loyal Barney in fact the cause of the depressing zeitgeist, and the new Success?

    For certain Barney will have to be absolved from any blame, but that cannot be said of the Poodle, and Bush.

    Happy Yuletide fellow few sane souls.

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