Jack Straw, Impresario of Torture, Lurks Towards No. 10 2

Having studied Jack Straw, from closer or further away, over a period of some years now, I have come to the conclusion that he is a simple careerist who believes in nothing other than personal advancement – and so is perhaps the perfect embodiment of New Labour. There are consistencies in his record – such as his close support of British Aerospace over many years, including at key moments over Hawk jets to Indonesia and the burial of the Saudi bribes investigation. But that relates simply to personal interest and the need to fund that Cotswolds mansion.

It was Straw who oversaw the noxious “Dirty Dossier” on Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction and travelled to the Security Council to tell lie after lie, to help precipitate the invasion and cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands. He was centre stage then. But usually, like an impresario, he is behind the stage making things happen.

While I was British Ambassador, I was officially informed in a high level meeting in the FCO on 7 March 2003, that it was Jack Straw who instructed Sir Richard Dearlove, Head of MI6, that in the “War on Terror” we should use intelligence obtained by torture by foreign intelligence agencies. It was Jack Straw who arranged the framework for extraordinary rendition torture flights. And it was Jack Straw who repeatedly lied about both of these to the House Of Commons.

That capacity for duplicity is in full use again now. At least three Labour MPs, with apparent access to all the dark facilities of the Whips’ office, are canvassing their colleagues for Straw to “Quietly” replace Brown as Prime Minister, and are taking care to use the formula: “Of course, Jack doesn’t know anything about this and you mustn’t mention it to him.” That is even more transparent than most of Straw’s lies.

If Brown has any balls, he’ll drop the slimy one in an Autumn reshuffle. But then Brown’s balls have repeatedly been shown to be miniscule, ever since Granita.

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2 thoughts on “Jack Straw, Impresario of Torture, Lurks Towards No. 10

  • Johan van Rooyen

    "he is a simple careerist who believes in nothing other than personal advancement"

    He also strikes me as one who will happily enable fascism to flourish in order to enjoy the perks it offers the powerful.

  • T Stokes


    ( please keep name off )

    The Daily Telegraph of Nov 25th 2008 had a large article which told the story

    which up until then had been apocryphal, and only rumoured about in secret circles, but

    confirmed statements by spy Jonathan pollard who claimed Israel intercepted all U S and British communications, and were behind pushing the Bush-Blair alliance into the wars on Iraq.

    David Murfee-Faulk a N.S.A ( National Security Agency ) whistleblower has broken the story that while Tony Blair was in office the U S administration did not trust him and spied on his personal life, including emails and telephone calls.

    Mr. Faulk claimed he had top secret security clearance as a U S army linguist at a covert listening post run by the N.S.A and had access to the Blair file among the intelligence phone calls, secret recordings and transcripts, an agreement not to spy on each other with the Bush-Blair alliance was supposed to make this sacrosanct.

    He has not spoken publicly on Blair’s agreement for the murder of David Kelly, or the fact we knew there were no W. M. Ds or that Carol Caplin was a listed Mossad agent.

    David Murfee-Faulks whistle-blowing came out in a statement that the U S was information gathering on its own citizens in a way he found disturbing.

    Also spied on among other leaders was Iraq’s first interim president after the U S invasion, Ghazi-al-Yawer, where even pillow talk with his fiancee was listened to.

    Among others spied on were phone calls of American aid workers, journalists and soldiers stationed in Iraq, but President Bush has repeatedly denied accusations that American citizens are spied on, Adrienne Kinne a second whistleblower, has backed up his claim that satellite phone calls of U S journalists were all intercepted, as were all internal Iraqi calls, those journalists who got too close to, or were deemed “not onside”

    Strangely were killed in “terrorist attacks”

    Privately the U S and Israel did not trust Tony Blair, and saw him as a Pinocchio figure whom they may need to blackmail in the future.

    The unpopular regime of the Bush-Blair alliance has produced huge numbers of disaffected agents offering to spy for the Soviet Bloc, rescuing it from oblivion, and the numbers of British intelligence personnel off with stress and depression over the war and destruction of Iraq is colossal, the resulting anti Israel feeling in the west, is coalescing into a body which are threatening a mass boycott of Israeli goods, and Jewish owned factories, and how strange for those who made such a fuss over the alleged Jews who were in camps for the 6 years of W W II, are keeping silent on those people who

    have been in camp Palestine since 1948.

    T Stokes

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