Nadira and I in Edinburgh 1

Nadira takes her Arcola sell-out show, the British Ambassador’s Belly Dancer, to the Edinburgh Fringe, where it is playing at the Gilded Balloon from 30 July to 24 August at the somewhat unusual time of 1.30pm. I do hope you will go to support her if you are around Edinburgh for the Festival.

Nadira has her own micro-website on Bloggerheads:

There are still tickets available for my appearance at the Edinburgh Book Festival on 12 August:

I shall be talking about my new book, The Catholic Orangemen of Togo, and revealing some of the information which apparently Tim Spicer and Schillings are attempting to block.

We shall both be available socially in Edinburgh for the next month for those inclined to a pint or a glass of wine and a chat about the way the world is going!

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One thought on “Nadira and I in Edinburgh

  • ruth

    I'd really like to meet you for a chat but Edinburgh is too far. Could you arrange an after Edinburgh drinks session in London?

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