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“N is doing it because he is using free will, he has a brain and as of now, it is not yet against the law to question.”

Indeed. But if they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers, do they?

Michael, they’ve effectively diverted your attention from the US/UK governments onto the Chinese government. N_ is right; there has been much lower mortality per population in Russia than in the US/UK. That difference will remain, no matter what the Chinese government did. It’s bad in the US and UK because our governments fucked up. The Chinese government also fucked up, fucking horribly, but that’s for the people of China to address, just as it’s for the people of the US/UK to address our governments. We the people don’t have aircraft carriers and ICBMs (thank the Goddess); we can’t project our power thousands of miles. All we have is ourselves.