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michael norton

quite, one of my friends was nineteen stone and discovered he was type 2, he has lost eight stone, over about four years, essentially he has reversed his diabetes but his GP surgery still classes him as diabetic.
My friend does not eat for one hundred hours, in a go, each month.
He does not eat for eighteen hours each day, taking his two meals in the six hour window,
he is now quite fit. He does not ( or tries not to) eat sugar, bread, cakes or sweets or carbonated drinks, nor does he eat tv meals nor does he eat take always, all these things he used to indulge, he still modestly drinks alcohol.
His gp surgery told him the exact opposite of what he did.
Diabetes is one of the worst things to attain, yet so many of our people are now Type Two.
Let us hope Boris pushes his ideas, to cut sugar based foods and get us outside and walking, running, canoeing and swimming and cycling.
Part of the reason we seem to have such a lot of covid-19 deaths in the U.K. is because of diabetes, overweight and unfit, most people, even young people are very unfit, I would say they are bringing themselves towards an early death by their own mouths.
This is the time for a health revolution.