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Paul – “I notice you didn’t refer to the PCR test question.”

Indeed, and as I just told SA, I only have limited time. It’s an immense strain on me, trying to pull the various sides together, trying to engender unity amid the neoliberal ocean of division. SA has important points, Dr Mikovits paper was indeed withdrawn, and Mikovits indeed has a history of mistaking lab contamination for genuine results.

At May 17, 02:49 you saw SA partially dismiss Bad Science and Bad Pharma. I hope that provides an incentive for you to complete your reading of Bad Science. I’d also urge you to a second reading; I’ve read my copy so many times that it has literally fallen apart. The reason I bypassed PCR is one of the immensely powerful tools contained within; that tool reveals that don’t need the PCR detail to reach my overall conclusion that covid-19 is very real and very deadly. That tool saved me weeks of time.

I am glad that Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Del Bigtree and the Informed Consent Action Network have succeeded in prising open a vault. The contents will be treasure, but it is now vitally important that they are not now spent as gold coins, scattered to the four corners of Earth for whatever influence they can buy; to do so would be to fall into Mammon’s trap. The pieces are not currency, they are parts of a jigsaw, and not even a complete one. Nonetheless, the picture they contribute to is the prize we seek, for it is a map, a diagram, and our overriding concern must be to piece these new parts into the sections that have already been assembled.