Online Database of Terrorism Arrests 2

This important online database is being compiled and updated by Sala@m It comprises an inventory of arrests under the Terrorism Act 2000 (TACT) and the Anti-Terrorism, Crime Security Act 2001 (ACTSA) – pre and post July 7 2005.

“According to the Islamic Human Rights Commission, since 9/11 some 950 people, the majority of them Muslims, have been arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000. Of these only 148 were charged and only 27 convicted of terrorism, defined so broadly now that a question mark hangs over some of these cases. Many thousands more have been stopped under the increased stop-and-search powers that anti-terror laws have given police. In 2003-2004 they were up by almost a third. Last year British Transport police statistics revealed that Asians were five times more likely to be stopped than whites. In the month following the London bombings, they had apprehended 2,390 Asian people. None was subsequently charged.”

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2 thoughts on “Online Database of Terrorism Arrests

  • jim

    Mi5 has in the past been used to spy on trade unions and other workers orginisations,corrupt or blackmail there leaders ect. ect. When they are beefed up and finished with the moslims who is the next target. Will it be economic terrorists (people on strike). The security forces are our enemy and not some poor people fighting against this new world imperialism. The terrorism laws are a way to deprive us of more and more rights. It was started by thatcher and carried on by blair. We should be orginising the fight back and coming on the streets for real democracy, power going to the people and away from the corrupt bastards in westminster.

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