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michael norton

I agree Dave, the concrete pour at Hinkley point c was said to have been the largest ever pour in England.
The production of concrete is a big factor in releasing Carbon dioxide.

I have also, for a long time thought that after introduction of ever more efficient wind turbines and photovoltaic
conversion, there is little “need” for nuclear.
Especially since Graphene was developed in England.
People are working on Graphene windows, where by some of the light is let into the building and some is turned into electricity, very, very, very soon it will be economically feasible to have most building produce enough electricity for their own needs, some will be able to produce more electricity than they need.

Further more, if a Severn Barrier of caisson ponds or under water turbines were constructed instead of Hinkley point c, a massive amount of forever electricity could be more safely produced, which could be exported around the world, and we would not need the bloody French to build it for us.
So you are correct, its only function is to produce scientists and engineers to train in the nuclear industry so we can keep our seat at the top table of nuclear deterrent.