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Employment and money can be reorganised; they’re human creations. They were completely reorganised for WWII. Employment needs to be reorganised anyway to hinder the spread of covid-19.

Eran Yashiv: how to reopen society more quickly

The more cases there are of covid-19, the more chances we give it to evolve. We don’t even know if you can catch the current strains again, after say a year, because it hasn’t existed that long. If you can catch it again, the second bout might be worse, like dengue fever. Or maybe you can’t make a vaccine against it, like HIV. We don’t know our enemy yet.

We should stamp it out, like we did smallpox. We could do it in five weeks if only we’d cooperate. Instead I keep hearing people say we should give up and let it multiply, cripple, kill and evolve.