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Paul Barbara

@ SA May 27, 2020 at 18:49
I think we agree that the US (and indeed others) are capable of, and have, ‘weaponised’ extremely dangerous pathogens such as viruses (forgive me if viruses aren’t pathogens, but you get the picture. Stuff like Anthrax, which was known to have been weaponised in US labs (it was actually used, fatally, after 9/11 in a rather pathetic bid to blame it on Muslims).
Anthrax was already extremely deadly, but it was still ‘weaponised’ to be able to spread more effectively. I should imagine Ebola also could be made more spreadable and thus more exploitable as a weapon, as Coronavirus seems to have been.
Is it too much of a stretch to assume they would also weaponise Ebola? Or Coronaviruses?
The fraud which the blog accuses Dr. Mikovits of doesn’t seem to make sense – after all, even I understand that given some weird result like that, scientists would not just accept it, but would test the vaccines or specimens themselves. She would know that if she had faked the tests, the fakery would soon be apparent as soon as others couldn’t find the mouse retroviruses.
And these are mere allegations. The CDC, EPA, FDA and so forth have all been caught out in flagrant dangerous frauds and cover-ups, yet you don’t seem to dismiss everything they say or do because of it. And there is no way people, especially children, haven’t been seriously injured or killed because of their frauds and/or cover-ups.
Yet your ire seems reserved for Dr. Judy Mikovits, and a few like-minded alternative doctors and scientists.
I don’t know if she has defended herself against these allegations, if so I would like to hear her side of the story.