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Paul Barbara

‘A mass sterilization exercise’: Kenyan doctors find anti-fertility agent in UN tetanus vaccine.
The Kenyan Catholic Bishops Conference, and the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association, can hardly be accused of being ‘anti-vaxxers’, or of being mass fraudsters. But to back them up (as though they needed it), there is the ‘Ex Prime Minister Exposes Tetanus Vaccine In Kenya As A “Targeted Mass Sterilization Program”.
This little WHO/Unicef/Gates trick was also used in Mexico, Nicaragua and the Philippines.
Gates is on record as saying that vaccines can cure the overpopulation problem. Sure they can, laced with hCG.
But the ‘Empire Strikes Back’: Licence of industrial lab Agriq-Quest suspended.
Actually, the lab was only suspended by an external body re water and soil assays, but the objective was to make the public think they had been in the wrong over the spiked ‘Tetanus’ shots. And the apology for a human being, the Health Minister, actually suggested the Catholic Bishops Conference and Catholic Doctors may have ‘spiked’ the vaccines themselves!
Why on earth would the Kenyan Government connive with the WHO, Unicef and Gates’ GAVI?
Well, African countries, like many other countries around the world, do seem to have a problem with corruption. It has not been suggested that bribery came into the Kenyan episode, but it was certainly alleged re vaccines in Nigeria. So let’s say, it is a possibility…
Gates allegedly bribes Nigerian Senate to pass Mandatory Vaccine Law:
Bill Gates offered House of Reps $10m bribe for speedy passage of compulsory vaccine bill – CUPP alleges‘. (Daily Post).