Or I Might Have a Huge Penis, Persephone 17

Or be a hypnotist. Or be able to “talk away my face” like the great John Wilkes.

I was much amused by the comments on this entry in the always interesting einekleinenachtmusik blog.


If Persephone were to read Murder in Samarkand, she would find I do in fact consider and answer her question.


Oops, I forgot the link, without which this post seemed even weirder. No, Arsalan, I haven’t gone nuts, just was tickled by Persephone’s coments and feeling the need for some light relief. And no, technicolour, I was not seriously positing that possession of a huge penis or hypnosis is the way to attract women. Nor was I actually claiming to have one. I just thought charm, money and alcohol was an unimaginative list, and could be added to.

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17 thoughts on “Or I Might Have a Huge Penis, Persephone

  • MJ

    Any chance of a link? I couldn’t find this einekleinenachtmusik blog by the usual channels.

  • technicolour

    A *huge* penis? Like the Eiffel Tower, or an elephant? Gosh.

    Seriously, no human penis is, strictly speaking, huge. Even King Dong’s is only the size of an undernourished marrow.

    Anyway, in my experience, it is a myth that women are attracted by relatively large penises. They seem to go more for the whole person, looks & size regardless, the soppy fools. Persephone, on the other hand, will obviously end up with a square-jawed dark haired, blue-eyed sort of chap who will bore her to pieces within weeks. I blame Mills & Boone.

    Obviously, not smelling & actually liking women, and particularly, liking one woman helps.

  • Mark Golding

    “What I could not get my head round was the fact that New Labour Ministers who supported the use of intelligence from torture…”

    I’m not inclined to include Gordon Brown in ‘New Labour.’ Good or bad I admit a liking for this man – bullying and all.

    To me he seems genuine,even more so when we learned Gordon penned letters to bereaved families of fallen service men and women. I read in his eyes the despair of being heavily criticised for poor hand-writing.

    Isn’t it the thought that counts?

  • Richard Robinson

    “Oops, I forgot the link, without which this post seemed even weirder”

    *laughter* It’s all right, the headline still does the trick.

    A huge repertoire of G & S ?

  • Barbara

    The vanity of men who think paid women actually like them (cue Tina Turner’s Private Dancer).

  • Rob

    Ho Craig, and thanks for the plug (“always interesting” – shucks). It’s Eine Kleine Nichtmusik rather than Nachtmusik, though. Can’t get hyperlinks to work in yoour comments, but see here for explanation:


    Not sure what problem they have with the 2nd movement but there you go….

  • Persephone

    I think the next time I have a facetious question for Rob at Eine Kleine Nichtmusik, I’ll just email him directly…

    I haven’t been this flamed since I made the mistake of tangling with a woman who posted a link to an anti-Muslim National Review article on a listserve for parents of autistic children.

    I’m so relieved you have a sense of humour (which is probably a way better draw than a large penis).

  • bangbrosertf

    I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

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