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Your obvious faith in the Catholic church means that your whole outlook is based on faith, not on evidence. It seems to me that this is the basic problem. In fact the Church has moved on especially under the current Pope who is more enlightened than this and is trying to modernise the catholic church. I have in my life had experience with most faiths and in fact having gone to a catholic mission school, know Catholicism very well and how it works, I was almost converted when I was very young.
I do respect people having faith but what I object to is when this faith is projected irrationally and in an unscientific way and ignores the progress that happened in the world in over time. I also understand a very basic principle: there are so many faiths and each claims to be the true faith, so many of the other faiths must by definition either be wrong or alternatively they may all be wrong in one way or another. Use faith as a personal issue to guide your dealings with people is fine, but use it to try and force other people to believe in the same way is not.