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Paul Barbara

@ SA

‘…Since when is it the onus of anyone to prove a negative? What proof do we have that you have stopped beating your wife?…’

The onus is on the government and manufacturer to prove that vaccines are safe, particularly when vaccines are mandatory. In the Italian case, they both failed to provide the safety testing documentation requested – implying they had not done these safety checks – that would not be unusual, seeing as US regulatory board mandated to give a report every two years on vaccine safety and improvements failed to do so even once in 32 years. Had the Italian or Kenyan governments provided the requested information, they would then have been required to show that the tests showing contaminants that the relevant bodies’ lab tests had shown up where faulty.

‘…I tell you what. You answer Dr Edd’s detailed refutation of what you posted first and then we can move on. You did this before, you ignored his answer? Why. Please answer Dr Edd first…’

I tell you what – you tell me which of ‘Dr. Edd’s’ questions I have not answered?
As for me being on the same page as Trump, like a broken clock, even Trump can be right twice a day. The fact that he and I both attack the WHO is correct, but we both attack it for different reasons. I whole-heartedly condemn what he is trying to do – to blame China for weaponising the coronavirus, and spreading it (something I believe was intentionally done by the US Military Contingent to the Wuhan World Military Games that opened on 18th October 2019, the exact same day Gates and cronies had their ‘Event 201′ Coronavirus Pandemic Simulation’ in New York, the culmination of nearly a full year of ‘drills’), in order not only to alleviate blame of his catastrophic reaction and its results to the spread of Covid – 19, but principally to steal Chinese assets, and to welch on US debts to China, as ‘reparations’ for damage supposedly done to the US economy by the ‘Chinese Flu’. I believe things are going to get very nasty on that front very soon.

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