After Project Fear, Expect Project Terror 152

Delighted that the popular upsurge in Scotland has been reflected in the polls and the mainstream media have started to notice it is happening. There is no doubt that unless the No campaign can find a game-changer (and a curiously untraceable person throwing an egg at Jim Murphy isn’t it), then the people of Scotland are going to seize their chance to escape from neo-con domination and create their own society.

But I also have no doubt the establishment are not going to accept this lightly. They are not simply going to let Scotland’s people walk away with Scotland’s resources. They have yet to make serious use of their most frequent instrument of population control – the “War on Terror”.

The scene has already been set. Cameron has already told parliament that ISIS, or the Caliphate as it calls itself (I always think it is better to call people what they call themselves, rather than some made-up name) poses a major and imminent threat to the UK. Jack Straw is back on Radio 4 saying that Britain must bomb Iraq, as though the very cause of the Caliphate was not the last time he invaded Iraq. Saudi Arabia, which funded and still funds the Caliphate, is giving warnings to the security services of planned attacks in the UK.

The truth is that everybody who has ever carried out an actual Islamic terror attack in the UK (of which there have been very few indeed) has stated that they did so because of British bombings and invasions of Muslim countries – a fact which is very plainly true. The notion that the way to stop this is to bomb or invade Muslim countries is quite incredible.

I fear that we will shortly see arrests of young Muslims in Glasgow and Edinburgh. We will be told they were planning to detonate a dirty nuclear bomb in George Square, or convert the Scott Monument into a giant ballistic missile using fertiliser and Irn Bru. We will be told that only the UK security services have saved Scotland from destruction. The media hype will be on a par with the liquid bomb plot. Like the liquid bomb plot, when it turns out to have been non-existent the media will not tell you that. Anyway the referendum will be over by the time the story is debunked.

In truth, of course, an independent Scotland which does not invade other countries will be a safer place than the continually aggressive and murderous United Kingdom.

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152 thoughts on “After Project Fear, Expect Project Terror

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  • Abe Rene

    This is a good argument for an independent Scotland. But ISIS have also threatened to murder a British journalist they are holding. I am not at all sure that if he were a Scot, and the the Yes campaign were to win, that his life would be spared.

    At any rate, if ISIS do take his life, the UK government will have to take action to put them out of business, and that will mean helping the Americans to do it.

  • John Thomas

    Blimey, I used to follow some conspiracy theories like Craig Murray, guess I must’ve grown up or something.

    AFAIK, listening to Cameron and Obama, neither is proposing invading anybody’s country. What kind of ex-ambassador regards another country as simply a “Muslim country” anyway? Guess he’s talking about countries where the majority are Muslims. Countries where populations of other minority religions have lived side-by-side with Muslims in peace for centuries.

    In some of those countries an organisation with some of the characteristics of a state have appeared, but a state which openly boasts of murdering its own citizens where they do not belong to its own narrow version of Islam.

    I could not ask any British soldier to die on my behalf to intervene in Iraq or Syria, but that is not in any case what is currently being proposed.

    Craig Murray appears to regard the only aim as being not enticing “Islamic terrorists ” in Scotland by “invading” “Muslim” countries. This appeasement has happened before. In the 1930’s. When an organisation that did not at the time appear to be as threatening, – as evil – as IS now seems was on the rise in Germany. Appeasement, as history shows, does not work.

    With modern transport and weapons capabilities, left to fester, IS will be blowing down Scottish doors in a very short time. Whether our armed forces are directly involved or not. In the interests of foreign non-Muslims, Muslims, and everybody else, NATO countries should be doing exactly what they are doing – seeking ways to assist local forces in disintegrating the Caliphate. Everyone seems to forget Kosovo. That wasn’t a neo-con conspiracy, there was no oil, just a large minority who needed help facing down Serbian aggression.

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