After Project Fear, Expect Project Terror 152

Delighted that the popular upsurge in Scotland has been reflected in the polls and the mainstream media have started to notice it is happening. There is no doubt that unless the No campaign can find a game-changer (and a curiously untraceable person throwing an egg at Jim Murphy isn’t it), then the people of Scotland are going to seize their chance to escape from neo-con domination and create their own society.

But I also have no doubt the establishment are not going to accept this lightly. They are not simply going to let Scotland’s people walk away with Scotland’s resources. They have yet to make serious use of their most frequent instrument of population control – the “War on Terror”.

The scene has already been set. Cameron has already told parliament that ISIS, or the Caliphate as it calls itself (I always think it is better to call people what they call themselves, rather than some made-up name) poses a major and imminent threat to the UK. Jack Straw is back on Radio 4 saying that Britain must bomb Iraq, as though the very cause of the Caliphate was not the last time he invaded Iraq. Saudi Arabia, which funded and still funds the Caliphate, is giving warnings to the security services of planned attacks in the UK.

The truth is that everybody who has ever carried out an actual Islamic terror attack in the UK (of which there have been very few indeed) has stated that they did so because of British bombings and invasions of Muslim countries – a fact which is very plainly true. The notion that the way to stop this is to bomb or invade Muslim countries is quite incredible.

I fear that we will shortly see arrests of young Muslims in Glasgow and Edinburgh. We will be told they were planning to detonate a dirty nuclear bomb in George Square, or convert the Scott Monument into a giant ballistic missile using fertiliser and Irn Bru. We will be told that only the UK security services have saved Scotland from destruction. The media hype will be on a par with the liquid bomb plot. Like the liquid bomb plot, when it turns out to have been non-existent the media will not tell you that. Anyway the referendum will be over by the time the story is debunked.

In truth, of course, an independent Scotland which does not invade other countries will be a safer place than the continually aggressive and murderous United Kingdom.

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152 thoughts on “After Project Fear, Expect Project Terror

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  • Tony_0pmoc

    I wonder if they will delete this is a bit heavy for the Telegraph..

    I Need To Have a Word With You David Blair…

    Well Done For Actually Turning Up In The Warzones and Writing What You Saw…

    I have Massive Respect For You…You Were There as a Journalist…and I don’t think You Lie

    but did it change your mind…all The War, Death and Destruction…

    Did You Go Back To The Guys Who Pay Your Salary and Your Airfare, and Say…

    Can You Please Stop This…

    You are Bombing Completely Innocent Men, Women, Grandmothers and Grandfathers and Children To Death..

    They haven’t done anything wrong – and their blood is splashed all over me…and I feel sick.


  • Lady's hats my ass

    Will somebody please explain to Milliner how the world works? It’s clear he’s never been read into anything, he’s a total propaganda victim. It’s painful to see him flopping off the turnip truck with each new brain fart.

    Of course they didn’t lock up those chomo Pakis. White or brown, Britain loves pedos! Dominant-class Britons trade the fresh meat like beanie babies, that’s the monarchy’s raison d’être.

    And what’s this fixation with dead wogs? What’s a few thousand here or there when you’ve gotten clean away with the crime of aggression by overstepping the authorizing resolution (well, not clean away, there’s no statute of limitations, and the floppy-sphinctered pedo officer class probably worries that some Scottish jurist will condemn them in the ICC one day.)

  • Ben

    Yeah, they really punked Gorby, didn’t they? Then they kept Yeltsin drunk and oblivious. Revenge is always a benefit of wars cold or hot, Peacewisher.

  • Al Milliner


    “Did you miss the Union Jacks they are flying ?
    Weren’t the Olympics where they married Sport, UK’s armed forces, and a few million Union Jacks fascist in their style ?Warships on the Thames, and missile batteries on blocks of flats ? That isn’t touching the hard right ?”

    The missile battery was excessive but do you really believe the waving of the flag or the military parading during a major national event, fascist? Craig, where do you get these people from!

    “Not content with the Union Jack in the UK , we have to hammer it down the throats of Argentinians.”

    Islands entirely populated by Brits, where there were no natives displaced, that were British territory before Argentina even existed, that were invaded aggressively by Argentina against the unanimous will of the population – – to defend them is to hammer the Union Jack down the throats of Argentinians? Really?

  • Kempe

    No one’s trying to demonise muslims just attribute to them the crimes for which they are responsible without being accused of having a racist agenda. What’s the problem with that?

    It would be nice if we could persuade the tin foil hat brigade that not everything that happens in the world is a false flag staged by the NWO but I fear they’re beyond help.

  • Peacewisher

    Revenge for what, Ben? Acquiring a design for the atomic bomb, and ensuring that the US wouldn’t be the world’s only nuclear power?

  • Ben

    Lol; Peacewisher. I think the military- industrial complex would have to create the USSR if it didn’t exist. In the 80’s Reagan brought out these scary pics of ancient hydrogen fueled ICBM’s and compared them to smaller US solid-fuel SOTA missiles to scare the public into giving him his ‘Peacekeeper’. 🙂

  • Lady's hats

    Islands entirely populated by Brits, where there were no natives displaced? Sounds like Pitcairn Island. Well then, by all means, invade! If there’s no one but Britons there, in no time they’ll be fucking their kids into a troglodyte race of inbred mutants.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    @ Anon, oops, Al Milliner

    Regarding your seeming outrage at the very notion of the West being complicit in ISIS executions, consider the experience of Yvonne Ridley when held captive by the Taliban:

    “In December 2001 Ridley released In the Hands of the Taliban, a memoir detailing the 10 days she was held captive. In it, she expressed worries that officers from Mossad, the Israeli secret service, or from other intelligence agencies, were plotting to have her killed in an effort to boost public support for the war in Afghanistan.”

  • Al Milliner


    You come across as a bit weird mate. Have you thought of doing a gig for Scottish independence on a no more paedo royal flesh trade and sloppy-sphinctered pedo officer class platform? Sure to go down a bomb.

  • Lady's hats with feathers & spangles

    No more paedo royal flesh trade and sloppy-sphinctered pedo officer class?

    Is that not how the referendum question reads? Then how the fuck are people going to know what they’re voting on?!

  • Peacewisher

    @Ben: You can be sure the military-industrial complex will made a fast buck of two out of the fall out from Cardiff over the next couple of days. Hey… that’s probably the EU solution to the current problems with their members’ balance of payments.

    PS: I generally don’t have much regard for conspiracy theories, but have little doubt in ability to manipulate a situation after a shocking event has occurred.

  • fred

    “Warships on the Thames, and missile batteries on blocks of flats ?”

    I think they were there in case someone stole a commercial airliner and tried to crash it into the Olympic arena.

  • Peacewisher

    @Len Henderson 10:13

    Now you can see why the important matter that today is the 75th anniversary of the start of ww2 has not been mentioned on the mainstream media…

  • Muscleguy

    Just think of the savings iScotland can make on the security state compared to the rUK? Our politicians do not need armed diplomatic protection officers etc up here. Yes, okay there was the Glasgow airport attack, foiled by technical incompetence and a Glaswegian baggage handler. But that was because we were part of the UK that invaded Iraq illegally.

    After Independence we will not be under such attacks anywhere near enough having separated ourselves from Westminster partly because we did not want that invasion in our name. I wonder if we can get Scottish units removed from war zones after a Yes vote or if it will have to wait until March 2016?

    Doing street politics in Dundee I was approached by a guy who said ‘give me a reason to vote Yes’. None of the usual things like the NHS, education, jobs, fairness etc moved him. However it turned out he had lost relatives and had another lose a body part in Iraq and the idea that we would not engage in such things post Independence swung it for him.

  • mark golding

    Boots on the Ground

    Statement from Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby on Security Personnel in Iraq:

    Obama has no official strategy thus far to commence air-strikes on ISIS controlled territory in Eastern Syria.

    The syringe is nonetheless being loaded for a domestic and international shot in the arm to catalyse a strike on Syrian soil.

    The toxicant intended to contaminate minds is two-fold.

    The massacre of American soldiers in Iraq and more Hollywood style executions of innocent UK/US/Other journalists.

    I shall call it the modern Decius’ edict.

  • Lady's hats indeed

    Milliner, I empathize with your uncertainty, I do. If Scotland breaks free, What is the new system to be? Used to be, you sent your boy away to get mounted nightly by spindle-shanked toffs and, if you raised him right, he’d come out rubbing his arse, none the worse for wear and ready to rule Brittania. Now, in a sovereign Scottish state, it’s all a blur. New worries you’ve never had before – merit, character, achievement. Integrity, for fuck’s sake. What if there’s a constitution with rights and rule of law? How will the boy make his way in the world?

    It will be all right.

  • JimmyGiro

    Lady asshat wrote:

    “Islands entirely populated by Brits, where there were no natives displaced? Sounds like Pitcairn Island. Well then, by all means, invade! If there’s no one but Britons there, in no time they’ll be fucking their kids into a troglodyte race of inbred mutants.”

    So we finally did build a Jerusalem!

  • Kempe

    ” Our politicians do not need armed diplomatic protection officers etc up here. ”

    No, you have enough armed police on the streets already.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Al Milliner

    A good post, thank you.

    “I don’t know how someone can get themselves into this sort of state of mind. Too much internet? A loathing of the West so deep-rooted that it allows no room for any other evil in the world?”

    Certainly both of those, and probably a number of other factors also. The internet has a lot to answer for – any fool can post what he or she wants on any number of fora and blogs (especially if lightly moderated like this one) and give voice to their obsessions (cf “Mary”) and they can even start up a blog themselves (cf Mr John Goss). And of course weak-minded, inadequate people working off their personal frustrations or complexes are easily influenced by the fanatics running some of those sites and blogs (“Macky”, “Fedup” and “Passerby” are good examples of such easily influenced minds).

    Scribble down the first thing that comes into you silly little mind, press “send” and you have your couple of seconds of “fame”.


    “So 9/11, 7/7, and every terrorist attack since, failed or successful, is a fake. Everything that is happening in the Mid East is at the very least caused but usually orchestrated by the West. All of it staged. How can you argue against that level of insanity?”

    Well, one can’t. As Schiller wrote, “Gegen die Dummheit kaempfen selbst die Goetter umsonst”. Or, if you prefer, “Si tous les cons avaient des ailes, on ne verrait plus jamais le ciel”.

  • Tony M

    Not fake no, very real events of mass-murder; planes or trucks crashing into things though is just theatre, the resulting flash bang wallop, ineffectual cover for the mini-nukes in the basement. See both Lebanon UN Barrack explosions in October 1983, the mushroom clouds are textbook nuke, whilst the world fulminated over the immediately following Grenada ‘invasion’, embarked on as an urgently needed all-consuming distraction from suspicious events in Beirut. And in Bali and in New York in 2001 of course. First responder and ground zero workers death toll from cancers due to radiation exposure, including leukiemia, now by any standards a holocaust. Who could have done these things, certainly not ‘Islamic Jihad’, an absurd tautology, a fake terror group, existing mainly in the imagination of the western press.

  • Macky

    Is it just me or is the new Poster “Al Milliner” a horrid fusion of Resident Dissident and the Habba-Clown, or maybe even Resident Dissident on Dutch Courage ! Well he has been known to engage in sock-puppeting, as of course has the Habba-Clown; I think my money is on Resident Dissident, as his pet fake self-righteous hobby horse has already been aired by “Al Milliner” with his,” A loathing of the West so deep-rooted that it allows no room for any other evil in the world? “. Maybe I’m being too pre-judgement, as although “Al Milliner” is airing the same carbon copy views, he hasn’t resorted to full blown troll tactics as yet, but I’m watching ! 😀

    Anyhow “Al Milliner” is justified in asking Craig for the source of his 15,000 killed iro Sirte, and Craig is being strangely evasive in not be forthcoming; a quick check google check may have provided the answer, as it gave a link to this Guardian article;

    Which has this; “with a diehard group of about 15,000 residents and fighters holding out in several pockets of the city”

    So perhaps the thinking is that practically nobody got out alive, which is not so far-fetched really, as remember what happened to the inhabitants of Tawargha once it was over-run by the “Rebels”, and the NATO bombers literally handed what remained of Sirte to them.

  • Peacewisher

    @RD: The world was more stable with two competing superpowers, with mutual respect for each other. Reagan & Thatcher set about changing all that, and Gorbachev was naïve enough to let them. Since the fall of the Soviet Union there has been aggression against Iraq (1991), Yugoslavia (1991), Bosnia (1994), Serbia (1999), Iraq again (1998, 2003), Afghanistan (2001), Libya (2011)… and probably others I can’t remember. What has Russia done outside its borders… nothing, except the recent matters of tiny provinces of Georgia, and of course Crimea!

  • Resident Dissident

    “he hasn’t resorted to full blown troll tactics as yet, but I’m watching !”

    You do rather like the Big Brother role don’t you.

    As for 15,000 killed in the Siege of Sirte – per Wikipedia (in the absence of anything better) your side only claimed between 2 and 3 thousand deaths so I have my doubts that the figure was anywhere near 15,000 as claimed. Of course noi one here is counting the deaths attributable to Ghadaffi

  • Resident Dissident

    “aggression against Iraq (1991), Yugoslavia (1991),”

    Funny how you don’t mention aggression by these countries against Kuwait, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Kossovo that occurred first. Or what Russia used do within its borders to its own people and to those in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and its other colonies where there were less well reported riots in Soviet times.

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