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mods-cm-org, thanks for your comment. The prevalence of so-called conspiracy theories is indeed a growing concern, and well beyond this site. The entire Internet seemed to offer the promise of bypassing the corporate gatekeepers of news and information, but it has become highly corrupted by the promotion of false claims, many of them life threatening, to the point that for the inexperienced and unwary, the Internet is becoming useless as a source of facts.

With freedom comes responsibility; this inevitability seems to have been increasingly overlooked as the modern moral environment has developed. Peer-to-peer publishing is a relatively new form of freedom of expression, and I propose that to preserve and take advantage of this relatively new freedom we must develop and promote peer-to-peer critical analysis. But that will best occur once some rules of debate have been established. The very methods of so-called conspiracy theorists need to be called out and challenged.