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Paul Barbara

@ Dr. Edd

‘…That’s the point where you step through the Looking Glass into a fantasy world…’

So do you believe that in the ‘real’ (as opposed to my ‘fantasy world’) governments, international organisations, corporations and ‘philanthropic foundations’ do not lie, cheat do anything else they can to attain their objectives, on occasion?
Bill Gates is alleged to have bribed Nigerian senators to push through a mandatory vaccine program against Covid – 19, even before one was available. Gate’s ‘Philanthropy’ is principally aimed at poor countries (the ones he would like to see with lowered populations) – his Foundation has created other organisations, which often set up joint programs in Third World countries, or even countries like India. In many of these countries, bribery is endemic (not that it isn’t in the West as well). Seeing as Gates has shares in many Big Pharma companies (and gives them tax-free ‘Grants’) his conflicts of interest are legion.
As is what some would call his Eugenics depopulation agenda and his philanthropic attempts to ensure strong, healthy children.

‘Controversial vaccine studies: Why is Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation under fire from critics in India?

‘…In an opinion piece published recently in Deccan Herald titled “New Vaccines: Gates Foundation’s philanthropy or business?”, Dr Gopal Dabade of the All India Drug Action Network said that GAVI had committed a $165-million grant for the phased introduction of Pentavalent in India and provides a subsidy of Rs 145 per injection for five years after which the government will have to pay the total cost of the vaccines. “BMGF is a founding partner of GAVI. Its initial grant helped establish GAVI and it continues to support its work. Some of the pharmaceutical companies have affiliation with BMGF to manufacture the vaccine,” Dr Dabade said….’

Bit like drug dealers – practically give the stuff away till you get the punters hooked, then charge what you like,
There is a lot about the illegalities used to test HPV vaccines on poor Indian students in the link, which rather goes against the Gates Foundation’s stated noble intentions.
Due to the general MSM love affair with Gates and his vaccines, and also the Social Media ‘censors’ like Youtube, it is difficult finding dirt on Gates without going to anti-vaxx sites, which only gets denounced here, but I’ll add one more point: Gates’ partner in crime Fauci’s mate Gallo has come up with a brilliant plan – to use oral polio vaccine as a possible temporary holding operation for Covid – 19!

‘Can an Oral Polio Vaccine Help Stop the Coronavirus?’

It’s banned in the US and UK, because it can and has caused the very polio it is meant to stop – an example was Syria, where Syrian refugee children were given the oral vaccine and a number came down with crippling polio (whereas there had been no cases in Syria for some time).
A bit like the ‘Democracratic Headchoppers’ the West sent Syria (via their local allies).

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