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It’s not about balance. A good no more balances a wrong than two wrongs make a right. Wrong is wrong, no matter what.

But governments do some good things nonetheless. They fund infrastructure such as water supply and sewage treatment, they sponsor education and healthcare, some provide welfare, and they make laws and fund legal systems and enforcement that somewhat restrain the private sector; it’s inadequate, but better than nothing. They collaborate at the UN, preventing proliferation of nuclear weapons, and occasionally even enforcing international law. They fund science; publicly funded science is more open and less partisan than big pharma’s contribution.

All of the above are done imperfectly, sometimes even perversely, and examples could be cited of contraventions of each positive point I have named. But the fact remains that the public have more influence upon governments than upon the private sector. So for instance we have the Montreal Protocol that enforced the replacement of CFCs, and the nuclear test ban treaties. There are conservation areas and protected species.

No, abomination isn’t too strong a word for the warfare perpetrated by governments, but it’s not the whole picture either, and the private sector would make their war directly upon the people without the intervention of governments.