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Paul Barbara

@ Clark
Sure, they fund infrastructure, from tax-payer money, then sell it off cheap to the corporations, who make bundles, and on top of that when the infrastructure starts to fall apart due to profits being used for mega-salaries for the bosses, and high pay-outs to shareholders, they get bailed out by the poor old tax-payer again.
They only try to stop ‘enemies’ or potential ‘enemies’ from getting nukes; they facilitated Israel getting them, and almost certainly Pakistan and India, and seem to be supporting Saudi Arabia. If Saddam’s Iraq had had nukes, it would not have been reduced to what it is now.
Ditto Qaddafi’s Libya. And if North Korea didn’t have them, they would long ago have been subjected to ‘Regime Change’ attack.

‘…and occasionally even enforcing international law…’

But far more often breaking it; and where they ‘enforce it’, it is because they have instigated the process as it suits their agendas.
The Americans under T’rump are poised to break the nuclear test ban.
I know you covered your arguments with ‘All of the above are done imperfectly, sometimes even perversely, and examples could be cited of contraventions of each positive point I have named..’ but that pretty much undermines them.
And the general public’s influence on governments is just a tiny fraction of that of the Corporate and foreign lobbyists. Potentially it could be massive, but with the pied-piper MSM leading people up the garden path, or up the hill and down again, the ability for mass co-operative actions are pretty near gone. The NHS is about all that can come near to bringing people together.
Unions have been largely emasculated; and as someone on another thread pointed out, many Union leaders now hob-knob with the Bosses in their Lodges, which is how they came to foist Starmer on the ‘Labour’ Party.
The ‘virus’ certainly doesn’t do it – there are the two distinct camps, don’t end lockdown too soon, and the open up now before we all go bust.
I’ve been very pleased, and surprised, by BLM demonstrators, police (only a few, but I have only interacted with a few), NHS personnel (a lot), and some ordinary people, at their willingness to consider (in some cases they have been full-blown on board) the case for the virus being a bio-weapon False Flag, and also a healthy distrust for a ‘Gates Universal Vaccine’.
Did you make any of the BLM demos? There wasn’t a lot of ‘distancing’ going on there.

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